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Default Re: Installing a 32' Roadster Body

This is my personal design for my 32.

I first determined what I could have for brake pedal lever ratios to work with my planed master cylinder in back of and just below the frame center-section. I had a stock 1940 pedal assembly with bracket so measured the lever distances from the centerline of the brake shaft to the pedal and then for the welded on brake arm I made.

I drilled two holes in the arm, the longer is what I used and the shorter, a contingent, which would require a drill hole through the frame for the push rod. The 40 has a 1 to 6 ratio and my 32 with the long lever, furthest out hole from shaft centerline, is 1 to 4-1/3.

I made the MC mount from 2-4-1/8 wall tube steel. I have a thick plate on the back where my bracket bolts to the center section on. It is slightly thicker than the indent at the back on the 32 center-section. It is attached with grade 8 bolts that hold the pedal bracket to the frame. The MC mount is thick. I added a plate and welded on side in a few blind weld holes from the other side.

In one my attached pictures you can see the back of the bracket. The three symmetrically located holes are for the MC. The one off to the left is to accept the engine steady rod rear retaining nut to the shaft.
The brake action is great for me. It is easy to modulate the action and not too stiff but more so than a 40 for example.

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