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Forum: Model A (1928-31) 02-13-2020, 10:56 AM
Replies: 22
Views: 946
Posted By rocket1
Re: Nice Gasoline Filter

If you think you need an xtra gas filter the ones on riding lawn mowers are small.
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 02-13-2020, 10:05 AM
Replies: 25
Views: 1,171
Posted By rocket1
Re: Teflon EZ Steer Kit what do you think?

I would think if the inserts themselves were available it would be more affordable and I probably would give it a go.
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 02-09-2020, 06:05 PM
Replies: 17
Views: 879
Posted By rocket1
Re: Kangaroo fuel.

Pox on the foot rest,never used it in 60 years!
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 02-07-2020, 03:53 PM
Replies: 28
Views: 1,148
Posted By rocket1
Re: 1931 Model A Serial Number

I would just go to motor vehicle and try to register it,don't volunteer any info,the worst that could happen is it would be rejected,then the fun starts!
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 02-06-2020, 04:56 PM
Replies: 30
Views: 3,091
Posted By rocket1
Re: short model a film

The Model A is looking very evocative! still looking for my dictionary!
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 02-06-2020, 04:46 PM
Replies: 17
Views: 706
Posted By rocket1
Re: brand new idle jet seperated

I would look for an original numbered jet.
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 02-05-2020, 09:12 AM
Replies: 13
Views: 786
Posted By rocket1
Re: Rust!!

I have used the Eastwood rust converter and sealer,works well.800-343-9353
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 02-04-2020, 08:56 AM
Replies: 9
Views: 433
Posted By rocket1
Re: Loud Speedometer!

Lube the cable,remove the steel plug off the rear of the speedo (the cast housing is peaned over it) clean out the old dried grease and pack with graphite grease,worked for me,had the same symptoms.
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 01-31-2020, 03:59 PM
Replies: 22
Views: 1,147
Posted By rocket1
Re: loping engine?

That is a great tip
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 01-31-2020, 02:39 PM
Replies: 22
Views: 1,147
Posted By rocket1
Re: loping engine?

Ah manifold replacement,gland rings installed? Move it outside and spray starting fluid on manifold with engine running if it speeds up manifold not seating properly.
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 01-31-2020, 02:36 PM
Replies: 11
Views: 663
Posted By rocket1
Re: Help with Wheels!!

28-29 the rolled bead will rust out,passed up 5 30-31 wheels at hershey price was free,badly rusted,look for better ones,don't buy ones with tires mounted,surprise when you take tires off!
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 01-31-2020, 02:27 PM
Replies: 25
Views: 1,323
Posted By rocket1
Re: Logical Decision Thought

It basically costs more to restore than it is worth,if you do not plan to keep it forever just make a safe reliable driver.My opinion.
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 01-30-2020, 03:13 PM
Replies: 18
Views: 1,254
Posted By rocket1
Re: I need help to overhaul 7-tooth steering

Don't forget the antirattle sleeves that go on the rods.
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 01-30-2020, 02:59 PM
Replies: 41
Views: 2,015
Posted By rocket1
Re: Garage heat

100,000 btu gas heater,direct vent through the wall,toasty!
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 01-30-2020, 08:04 AM
Replies: 16
Views: 699
Posted By rocket1
Re: Cold Weather Shifting

Oh no not another discussion on proper lube!!!
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 01-30-2020, 07:54 AM
Replies: 7
Views: 302
Posted By rocket1
Re: 7 tooth steering box

I would suggest getting Les Andrews book,the pictorial breakdown on the 7 tooth steering box shows a thrust bearing above and below the worm.possibly someone on the barn could post the picture.
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 01-28-2020, 08:18 AM
Replies: 20
Views: 1,002
Posted By rocket1
Re: Bad steering new shaft

The weld is probably strong but looks terrible,they could of at least turned it down to the proper diameter.
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 01-27-2020, 12:06 PM
Replies: 11
Views: 827
Posted By rocket1
Re: Different front spindles?

Berts 800-321-1931
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 01-16-2020, 10:58 AM
Replies: 12
Views: 449
Posted By rocket1
Re: Brake light problem

If it is the original 6 volt system it is positive ground,to test the stoplight switch put a jumper between the 2 connections at the stoplight switch,the brake light should go on,some repro switches...
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 01-16-2020, 10:48 AM
Replies: 50
Views: 2,152
Posted By rocket1
Re: Ok, I've got a question for the Northerners....long.

How about one of those plastic covers that inflate and totally seal your vehicle in a bubble,less uncovering to do.
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 01-16-2020, 09:13 AM
Replies: 16
Views: 1,185
Posted By rocket1
Re: Donít Laugh, cam nut removal

Looks good,your lucky the nut was not buggered up,most are from a cold chisel.
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 01-15-2020, 03:00 PM
Replies: 21
Views: 1,033
Posted By rocket1
Re: steering sector

I don't think you replaced the worn worm gear,very difficult and if not done correctly damages the steering shaft,I could be wrong,but 3 inches of free play at center sounds really excessive.
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 01-15-2020, 02:44 PM
Replies: 17
Views: 799
Posted By rocket1
Re: Cracked Head

Used heads are cheap,picked up a couple at hershey $10.00 ea,nobody wants to carry them.
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 01-15-2020, 08:38 AM
Replies: 13
Views: 1,001
Posted By rocket1
Re: Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is sometimes printed on the sidewall,I inflate to 35 psi.
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 01-15-2020, 08:35 AM
Replies: 8
Views: 380
Posted By rocket1
Re: Front generator bearing screeching.....

I had a problem with the front bearing of my generator screeching,it turned out that the bearing was spinning in the housing.I put 3 punch marks in the outside of the housing so the bearing would be...
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