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Forum: Model A (1928-31) Today, 01:26 PM
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Posted By Hitman
Re: Log on help.

Make sure you're not in the "private" tab or portion of the browser.
Forum: Early V8 (1932-53) 05-04-2021, 05:14 PM
Replies: 26
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Posted By Hitman
Re: Do you think there will be another V-8 National meet?


Seems like a decent incentive to me!
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 05-04-2021, 05:09 PM
Replies: 58
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Posted By Hitman
Re: Anyone run a Lion Head

They could be ordered with different compression ratios, that maybe what happened in the example you test drove/rode.

If it were me, I'd go with a reproduction iron Winfield head that Tod in Ohio...
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 05-01-2021, 08:35 PM
Replies: 28
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Posted By Hitman
Re: 6.1 Head / Carburetor Choice

There are so many variables in your question, and suggestions here!

You need to be patient, tour with others, figure your car out! How does it compare to other cars? This takes thousands of...
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 04-16-2021, 08:31 PM
Replies: 34
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Posted By Hitman
Re: SNYDERíS 5.5 head vs 6.1

Yes and no, itís not that simple.

You need to meet up with a local Model A club or owner and tour or ride along with them. Theyíll give you a lot more hands on info based on real experience, than...
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 04-16-2021, 04:57 PM
Replies: 34
Views: 1,666
Posted By Hitman
Re: SNYDERíS 5.5 head vs 6.1

5.5 vs 6.0:1 is low, timing isn't an issue at this low of a compression if it's properly timed. If it were a single cylinder flathead, you'd have no problem pull starting it without a compression...
Forum: Early V8 (1932-53) 04-13-2021, 04:07 PM
Replies: 16
Views: 698
Posted By Hitman
Re: 34 Phaeton Top Irons

If you don't mind sharing, I'd be curious to know how much that cost, and how long ago it was.

I have a 36' top that will need plating, but I'm dreading the chrome bill. I'd expect at least...
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 04-12-2021, 05:31 PM
Replies: 63
Views: 3,446
Posted By Hitman
Re: Max Speed of a Model A in Stock Form

You should address the issues that made it scary at 60 mph, it will be way more enjoyable at 45 mph or whatever your preferred speed is.

If it's scary at 60, there are underlying issues that...
Forum: Early V8 (1932-53) 04-06-2021, 11:59 PM
Replies: 22
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Posted By Hitman
Re: Winfield Tool KRW Hub Puller

Thanks for fixing the link.

Iíve used this for 15 years, in the garage and on the side of the road. Itís worked perfectly every time. With these type of pullers, itís the impact of the hammer...
Forum: Early V8 (1932-53) 04-06-2021, 10:00 PM
Replies: 22
Views: 1,083
Posted By Hitman
Re: Winfield Tool KRW Hub Puller

Mitchell Manufacturing makes one as well. It works well, and on both styles of hubs, indented ring or protruding ring.

Forum: Model A (1928-31) 04-06-2021, 09:55 PM
Replies: 13
Views: 814
Posted By Hitman
Re: Charging 6 volt Battery

I charge the battery in the car, no matter how the battery is connected. I don’t charge the car.

Positive terminal to the positive battery terminal, negative to negative.
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 04-06-2021, 09:44 PM
Replies: 39
Views: 1,540
Posted By Hitman
Re: Oil grooves

Iíve said this same thing before and was immediately dismissed and attacked by the ďexpertsĒ. The oil grooves are not needed.

A lot of industrial engines run splash oiling, have higher...
Forum: Model-A 04-01-2021, 09:34 PM
Replies: 0
Views: 177
Posted By Hitman
Original 28/29 CCPU Rain Gutter

Iím looking for a nice original pair of rain gutters for the 28/29 closed cab. I need all four pieces, drip rail piece and the insert. I prefer to see pictures before I buy.
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 03-15-2021, 06:24 PM
Replies: 12
Views: 957
Posted By Hitman
Re: Vapor Lock

MMO has no affect on the boiling point of gasoline. I'm sure MMO appreciates the spreading of this info, it does help their bottomline. If you want to add a pint, add a pint of beer, it costs the...
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 03-07-2021, 10:52 PM
Replies: 60
Views: 5,824
Posted By Hitman
Re: Supply chain woes

And I bet theyíre all rebuilt ďfor when you need a spare engineĒ :D:rolleyes:
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 03-02-2021, 12:39 PM
Replies: 10
Views: 909
Posted By Hitman
Re: Any Model A owners in Sedona - Flagstaff - Cottonwood - Clarkdale - Jerome ?

You should state why you are looking for people in this area.

People with cars are in the area, but many car people reclusive and keep a low profile; most don't want strangers showing up in...
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 02-28-2021, 10:01 PM
Replies: 25
Views: 1,383
Posted By Hitman
Re: Extended warranty

You guys have more time than I do. I just don’t answer if I don’t recognize the number. That’s what voicemail I’d for.
Forum: Early V8 (1932-53) 01-17-2021, 10:27 PM
Replies: 62
Views: 6,163
Posted By Hitman
Re: Hagerty insurance ?

Nothing unusual here. Iím sure others were named in the suit that you havenít mentioned. Typical lawsuit, name anyone and everyone attached, theyíre just figuring out who is going to pay. Hagerty was...
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 12-27-2020, 09:53 PM
Replies: 26
Views: 1,455
Posted By Hitman
Re: Mode A Piston expander/ knurling tool to Buy

I actually, fully understand knurling, but you personally donít know me, so Iíll assume you are not talking to me directly. Knurling is outdated technology from the time when new pistons were of...
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 12-27-2020, 11:40 AM
Replies: 26
Views: 1,455
Posted By Hitman
Re: Mode A Piston expander/ knurling tool to Buy

Don’t use these tools, it’s simply a bandaid tool. Like saw dust in the rear end.

Get a new piston or set of pistons, ball hone the cylinders and put it together. Pistons are relatively cheap,...
Forum: Early V8 (1932-53) 12-18-2020, 12:10 AM
Replies: 5
Views: 790
Posted By Hitman
Re: Ceramic finishes

On what? Paint, bearings, pistons, glass....?
Forum: Early V8 (1932-53) 12-16-2020, 05:00 PM
Replies: 24
Views: 1,537
Posted By Hitman
Re: Drake Free Shipping:

You should get into the business and fill the void!
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 12-11-2020, 08:19 PM
Replies: 1
Views: 319
Posted By Hitman
Re: Truck info

No wood is used. Snyder’s makes and sells the seat springs.
Forum: Early V8 (1932-53) 12-09-2020, 11:25 AM
Replies: 16
Views: 789
Posted By Hitman
Re: 35 / 36 roadster side curtain & bracket sack interest?

I"m potentially interested. I have a phaeton.

What color canvas are you going to use?
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 12-04-2020, 10:33 PM
Replies: 6
Views: 992
Posted By Hitman
Re: Trojan plug

My original red head has white lettering.
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