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Forum: Early V8 (1932-53) 12-07-2019, 07:17 PM
Replies: 28
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Posted By Oldbluoval
Re: 32 sedan patch panels any good ones made?

As per ronnieroadster
I bought 34 panels from them several years ago and tossed them
Same old same old crap everyone try’s to pass off
Not even close
Also some of the stuff SAR used to sell (not...
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 12-04-2019, 08:02 AM
Replies: 11
Views: 385
Posted By Oldbluoval
Re: Cabriolet 68C -- "Sources" and Wood-Related Questions

I believe I am the only current supplier of the deep channel for the 68c door.
You are correct that nothing else works in that setup
If the inner metal channel is decent I can re-felt yours or...
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 11-30-2019, 06:48 PM
Replies: 58
Views: 2,336
Posted By Oldbluoval
Re: Using Ford Barn as an distraction

No words
God be with you
Forum: Early V8 (1932-53) 11-24-2019, 08:19 AM
Replies: 13
Views: 386
Posted By Oldbluoval
Re: 32 Cabriolet rumble seat gap ?

Are the rumble stops present and set correctly?
IE is the lid at the appropriate angle? On a Model A, the gap does widen if the lid goes “deeper” into the opening
Forum: Model-A 11-21-2019, 04:20 PM
Replies: 0
Views: 111
Posted By Oldbluoval
Deluxe roadster top irons/parts

I need the two brackets that attach at the very front of the irons. They also mount the header. The thumb screws are threaded to them to hold down the header/irons to the top of deluxe stanchions ...
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 11-19-2019, 05:39 PM
Replies: 13
Views: 654
Posted By Oldbluoval
Re: Data plate rivet holes don't line up

Bert’s is a great source
Every time I tell someone and they don’t...... I get to use one of
My favorite phrases....
“I told u so”
Forum: Early V8 (1932-53) 11-18-2019, 07:44 PM
Replies: 15
Views: 929
Posted By Oldbluoval
Re: Roy Nacewicz

A natural succession
I think Roy would be proud and feel his legacy is in good hands
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 11-15-2019, 04:48 AM
Replies: 49
Views: 2,045
Posted By Oldbluoval
Re: Who Remembers Model "A" Parts in the Sears Catalog?

And what about Western Auto? They had a huge line of A parts
I don’t remember seeing/buying but old timers used to identify sheet metal
including fenders as being “Western Auto”
Forum: Early V8 (1932-53) 11-12-2019, 08:15 PM
Replies: 8
Views: 443
Posted By Oldbluoval
Re: Who's '33-'34 sedan windshield frame gasket works best

Dennis carpenter lists one
I’ve found most of his stuff of good quality
Never tried the exact gasket you speak of
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 11-12-2019, 06:30 PM
Replies: 47
Views: 2,510
Posted By Oldbluoval
Re: Interesting read in Hemmings about restoration costs.

That is a very interesting article. Being partially in the resto business none of it surprises me. What often does surprise (or startles) me is the cost of materials and products!
And, I find it...
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 11-07-2019, 08:56 PM
Replies: 35
Views: 2,334
Posted By Oldbluoval
Re: Club Thinning

I am seeing a lot of folks selling their cars.
Basically age and lack of succession in the family for their cars.
Many are very desirable body styles. I expect a decline in prices due to the supply...
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 11-04-2019, 08:56 AM
Replies: 10
Views: 625
Posted By Oldbluoval
Re: Sandblasting sheet metal parts

Great advice from posts above. I’m not too fond of black diamond but other sands have gotten so expensive. Anything silica has been banned I think
Not heard good about soda blasting and may not...
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 11-02-2019, 08:05 PM
Replies: 9
Views: 904
Posted By Oldbluoval
Re: Stud removal

Wow! $499...would sure need to use it in a profit-making environment
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 10-29-2019, 11:56 AM
Replies: 6
Views: 495
Posted By Oldbluoval
Re: Rear Spring Perch - Welds

I sorta do the same thing but use gouging rods made of carbon. That way if anything gets stuck I can break it out
I think they are 3/4 (maybe 7/8) and I get them from McMaster Carr
But be...
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 10-27-2019, 09:29 AM
Replies: 8
Views: 459
Posted By Oldbluoval
Re: POR 15 Gas Tank Sealer

Beats me?
All I know is in TN we have gas with ethanol added and “pure” gas no ethanol
To me the question would be yes or no on ethanol with white gas. I remember the term but not used around...
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 10-27-2019, 08:16 AM
Replies: 8
Views: 459
Posted By Oldbluoval
Re: POR 15 Gas Tank Sealer

Leaded or unleaded is not the issue I don’t think
The problem has been ethanol
I don’t think leaded gas is legal except for some aviation fuels
Forum: Model-A 10-26-2019, 12:37 PM
Replies: 1
Views: 306
Posted By Oldbluoval
Re: Cabriolet

Found thanks to all!!
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 10-26-2019, 12:12 PM
Replies: 15
Views: 849
Posted By Oldbluoval
Re: First day in my possesion!!

Railcar...agreed but.....
Depending on the trailer the heavy weight of eng/tranny behind the trailer wheels can be a stabilization problem.
Be there had that!
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 10-26-2019, 08:08 AM
Replies: 9
Views: 904
Posted By Oldbluoval
Re: Stud removal

Not applicable necessarily to permatex but.....
While the stud is red, quince it with a good dose of cold water
Watch the steam from it will burn ya
Also there are stud removers that grip the...
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 10-26-2019, 07:13 AM
Replies: 33
Views: 1,862
Posted By Oldbluoval
Re: Failing gas tank sealant

The few I know that fly Cubs use regular grade pure gas
Forum: Model-A 10-25-2019, 07:38 PM
Replies: 1
Views: 306
Posted By Oldbluoval

I need the panel above the deck lid for a cabby. A,b,c all the same I believe
Goes between the two qtr panels and the upper part of the rain gutter also attaches to it.
Will consider most any...
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 10-23-2019, 08:18 PM
Replies: 33
Views: 1,862
Posted By Oldbluoval
Re: Failing gas tank sealant

Probably should correct/amend....
I probably have NOT seen ALL of the sealers!
But the 4-5 used in the somewhat recent past seem to have had issues down the road
Not an indictment of ALL that...
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 10-23-2019, 07:44 AM
Replies: 33
Views: 1,862
Posted By Oldbluoval
Re: Failing gas tank sealant

I’ve seen all of them fail to some degree
What is the guarantee? Send you another quart?
The problem is the ethanol gas....mostly
Run 100% gas
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 10-22-2019, 05:11 PM
Replies: 48
Views: 3,408
Posted By Oldbluoval
Re: Patina makes this too good to restore?

Looks like I see daylight inside from the roof. Donít drive in the rain!
I think I would worry about what falls off while driving
To each his own.....not for me!
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 10-21-2019, 11:09 AM
Replies: 5
Views: 601
Posted By Oldbluoval
Re: Tim Johnstone is very ill

In my prayers
I did some work for him on A400 parts I recall
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