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Forum: Model A (1928-31) 05-29-2019, 07:50 PM
Replies: 4
Views: 323
Re: A Car Cover for a 1931 Victoria

I have a Sunbrella Car Cover by Covercraft. Sunbrella is the same material that is used for outdoor furniture and umbrellas. It has held up really well in the SoCal Sun. Not cheap tho... If you have...
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 05-27-2019, 11:29 PM
Replies: 11
Views: 720
Re: 62

I'm 6' 2" and ~195 lbs. I have a '30 Fordor Sedan. I moved the front seat back 3" and bent the shifter 1-2" to the right to give me more leg room. Still plenty of leg room in the back seat.

I have...
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 05-27-2019, 09:13 AM
Replies: 16
Views: 692
Re: Odd VIN

You may not be able to get insurance in the first place without proper paperwork..
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 05-22-2019, 10:28 AM
Replies: 36
Views: 1,284
Re: What modern points do you use?

Just curious, has anyone installed a Pertronix Ignitor ii or Ignitor iii on the modern upper plate? I know FSI uses the Ignitor but I believe it is the Ignitor i.
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 05-22-2019, 02:18 AM
Replies: 19
Views: 717
Re: What the...Nokia tyres ???

Haha, Can't imagine there are too many rubber trees in Finland?:p:
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 05-21-2019, 08:00 PM
Replies: 36
Views: 1,814
Re: Harmonic Balancer

It didn't occur to me that you were running an electric fan on a Model A. I actually thought you were mistakenly answering another thread in a different forum... :rolleyes::rolleyes:
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 05-20-2019, 12:39 AM
Replies: 4
Views: 360
Transmission Adaptor

Just what you need. An adaptor to mate your Model A transmission to a BIG BLOCK CHEVY... :eek::eek:
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 05-19-2019, 11:50 PM
Replies: 36
Views: 1,814
Re: Harmonic Balancer

Huh? Ya lost me. I thought we were talking about Harmonic Balancers. :p:p
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 04-08-2019, 11:02 AM
Replies: 17
Views: 596
Re: Vicky Dome Light

Thanks for the info Don S.
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 04-07-2019, 07:29 PM
Replies: 18
Views: 1,021
Re: Backfiring when clutching

Is the "back firing" in the exhaust (after fire) or carb.

If in the exhaust I think you may have an exhaust leak and are drawing air into the exhaust system, allowing the mixture (unburned gas and...
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 04-07-2019, 04:55 PM
Replies: 8
Views: 449
Re: Help Identifying Brake Parts

This is on your "A"? Not sure of the M/C, but looks to be leaking pretty good (bad?). It looks like an early Mustang but could be any 60's Ford with a single M/C. Not sure on the Power Booster...
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 04-07-2019, 11:02 AM
Replies: 17
Views: 596
Re: Vicky Dome Light

Thanks Don. If nobody else it helps me. I wonder if my round dome light is the same or similar? I see no screws. I will investigate if/when my bulb burns out.
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 04-07-2019, 10:52 AM
Replies: 19
Views: 1,279
Re: Dome Light Conversion to LEDs

While a neat idea, i personally don't you my dome light enough the bother with a conversing to LED.

I do use a LED in my dash light to prevent from burning my fingers while feeling under the dash...
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 04-06-2019, 11:26 PM
Replies: 19
Views: 942
Re: Step plate or not??

My Town Sedan has step plates but I never use them. I step over the running board with my right foot, then sit down and swing in my left foot when entering the car.
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 04-06-2019, 12:50 AM
Replies: 32
Views: 3,381
Re: LED Head Lamp Upgrade

Thanks for the update.
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 04-05-2019, 01:10 AM
Replies: 29
Views: 1,312
Re: backfire.

What Jim said... :p:p
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 04-02-2019, 02:35 PM
Replies: 18
Views: 869
Re: Motometer

Just out of curiosity, what NGK plug are you using?
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 03-30-2019, 11:25 AM
Replies: 16
Views: 607
Re: 32 4cyl. Exhaust Gasket leak running rough

You checked with a straight edge so we know they are good length wise but are they sitting flat width wise. Twisted? I would suggest installing the intake and exhaust NOT bolted together in the...
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 03-29-2019, 03:39 PM
Replies: 11
Views: 540
Re: Tire rubbing

I don't have a picture but most of the vendors have 'exploded' views of major assemblies in their catalogs. Look up spindle and it should show the spindle bolt.

The vendor catalogs have a wealth...
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 03-29-2019, 11:18 AM
Replies: 79
Views: 3,721
Re: Sudden rough running, out of ideas

Fouled plugs? Try cleaning them.
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 03-28-2019, 08:29 PM
Replies: 30
Views: 1,207
Re: Circuit breakers

Like this. This is the kind I use. They don't reset until the problem is corrected when installed correctly. Fits in the fuse holder sold by the vendors....
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 03-27-2019, 03:22 PM
Replies: 9
Views: 572
Re: Brake drum color

You could paint them 'Cast Blast' if you like the natural cast iron color.
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 03-27-2019, 01:27 PM
Replies: 18
Views: 1,155
Re: First peek at my Roadster build

You have stated that before. Makes one wonder why you are here. :p:p
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 03-26-2019, 02:39 PM
Replies: 19
Views: 971
Re: Push Button Turn Signals

According to Turnswitch.com web site it does have hazard lights.
Forum: Model A (1928-31) 03-26-2019, 02:31 PM
Replies: 13
Views: 808
Re: Who is going to the Orange County Model A Ford Club pancake breakfast, this Sunda

Had a great time., See related thread. https://www.fordbarn.com/forum/showthread.php?t=260846
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