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Bored&Stroked 07-06-2021 07:55 PM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck

Hey Chris - I'm a HotRod guy, if you decide to not run those sealed beam headlights, I could run them on one of my cars. I believe I have a set of commercial 32 headlights we could trade with. Let me know if that would fit your plans - if so, then I'd dig them of the upstairs "stash"! LOL

DavidG 07-06-2021 09:52 PM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck


With respect, that fuel pump is correct and very specific for all '32-'34 Ford fours and the inlet and outlet are right where they belong. Some sellers think that they are more valuable than they really are as they are not particularly scarce. There were, after all, more than 200,00 of them manufactured and unlike '32 commercial/truck radiator caps did not get left behind at gas stations.

sugarmaker 07-06-2021 10:17 PM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck

Thanks guys!
I have had enough for the day. Sorry no pictures but I believe we made some progress. All 7 tires have been mounted on the rims. Tire shop was happy with my work. They had them mounted on the rims in about a hour and a half.
The 32 is now back on its feet with new shoes. I think they are going to be fine.
Yes much work to do in the engine compartment on wiring and general clean up too.
Should be able to report more on the engine by tomorrow night.
Took radiator to a shop today and they were not interested in it. Told me to go find one. That may be a task too.
The lights? Well I haven't made up my mind on those yet. I will take Davids words into consideration. Bored and Stroked, thanks for the offer. Never know could happen?

rockfla 07-07-2021 10:08 AM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck

You hopefully have more options for a radiator shop?? As for my unasked for $.02 worth.......I'm with David.......ditch those headlight for the "hot rod" crowd and get some 32 light, even IF for now you have to get SS buckets, those that are on it now look hideous. Even IF I had to use Model AA buckets till I could get the correct ones!!!! AGAIN just MO. Just love this truck!!!

sugarmaker 07-07-2021 08:36 PM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck

Thanks for your comments on the lights! Everyone!
So today:
Pulled the head, needs cleaned up.
4 stuck lifters were freed up.
Bores were checked. It's bored .060 over and has a little wear beyond that.
Some not so good score marks in the cylinder walls.
Oil pump needs several things, gears are worn, need new plate on the bottom, spring retainer, gaskets.
Water pump, may be ok, trying to remove shaft.
Oil pan is off, found a inch of sludge under the baffle.

DavidG 07-07-2021 08:53 PM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck


That photo of the sludge in the valve chamber on the side of the block is worrisome given its color which suggests its more than just old oil. If any of that has found its way into the oil pump and on into the main bearings, the outcome might not be desirable. While you are under there, you may wish to pull the main bearing caps one at a time for a look see.

Bored&Stroked 07-08-2021 09:21 AM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck

The engine sounds like it has seen better days. I'm with DavidG, better check the main bearings and the rod bearings - might as well.

To me, once you get to this 'phase' of the project and things are looking rough (valve chamber, bores, etc) - it will be easier to pull the engine, get it on a stand and really take a close look at everything. I'm sure you can make a "runner" out of it, but is that really what you want? This is a pretty big ole' truck - having a weak, under-powered engine doesn't sound like much fun to me. :D

Me - if I was planning on keeping the truck and driving it, I would probably rebuild the engine. Seems that just about every engine I get into - needs to be redone . . . just the way it tends to be! LOL

Best of luck - love your truck, your enthusiasm and your practical methods of getting it back on the road. Keep the posts coming!

DavidG 07-08-2021 09:52 AM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck

A properly restored Model B engine is surprisingly a strong puller. It has more torque at the low end where it counts in a heavy vehicle than its sibling '32 V8 engine.

Bored&Stroked 07-08-2021 09:58 AM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck


Originally Posted by DavidG (Post 2034135)
A properly restored Model B engine is surprisingly a strong puller. It has more torque at the low end where it counts in a heavy vehicle than its sibling '32 V8 engine.

That's what I've always heard - have yet to build one . . . maybe some day though!

sugarmaker 07-08-2021 10:32 AM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck

Thanks for the positive and or (" please do the right thing") comments! I know the slippery slope of these projects! Most of what I have ever done on these old engines has been worth the cost of the project in smiles per mile when actually using the machine later as intended.
So I am at the cross roads. More evaluation on things but I think it already telling what needs to be done! They do talk to you if you listen a little!
I am behind about 100 pictures since Tuesday morning. Tires and engine work. I will not post all of them to bore you some are for my reference/ details for getting the engine and components back together. On the tires they are picture as I learned how these old style wheels were assembled. I need to download resize and include some of them here.

OK question: maybe I ask earlier?? Pulling the engine and trans or just the engine?? I just have not noodled around enough to find the fasteners for the removal?
Sorry for not having all the books in front of me or using the search features. I am just human!:)

DavidG 07-08-2021 11:29 AM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck


A Model B engine in either a passenger car/commercial vehicle chassis or that of a big truck like yours is a tight squeeze between the depth of the firewall, the crankshaft pulley nested inside the front cross member and the close proximity of the front of the oil pan to the back of the front cross member. My experience is that there just isn't enough room forward for the front of the transmission input shaft to clear the bell housing on the engine if the transmission is left in place. I recommend that you remove the shift lever housing/transmission cover, detach the rear transmission mount attached to the center cross member, disconnect the cup on the front of the torque tube, and pull the engine and transmission as a single unit. Even then you will need one of those chain hoist attachments that permits you to change the angle of what you are extracting/installing, which you indicated earlier that you already have on hand. As a friendly reminder, pad the front cross member so that you do not accidentally chip the cast iron crankshaft pulley.

sugarmaker 07-08-2021 11:42 AM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck

Ok, raining here,
Time to do some thinking and load some pictures for a update on Tripple D.
Tubes and flaps, and Firestone 6.00-20 tires:

Brian (owner) at English Tire West Springfield PA

Bob at right his helper. Bob stopped over to visit that evening while I installed these tires.

Tube is covered by the flap, tucked into the tire:

Rim positioned over the brass valve stem:

Lock ring started and gently worked around to snap in place:

He was very happy with my lock ring rework. I was glad I did not have to add welded nuts and bolts to hold these together. Lots of sweat equity into these 7 rim units. Yes well worth the efforts!

Gentle taps with a 2 lb hammer to seat the lock rings:

THE CAGE! Not sure what I was expecting but this was the unit!:

More tapping by the boss:

Matching the patina of the ring to the wheels:

Notice how my head is NOT in there!

Repeat 7 times!

That evening at the shop, Torque to 90 Lbs:

I like it! Looks truck like too!


sugarmaker 07-08-2021 11:59 AM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck

Switch to engine area:
Jib worked great to lift and swing the head to table:

Water pump:

Getting out the big chunks:

Scores maybe .010 deep (est) on cylinder walls. Four stuck valves (lifters) loosened with gentle taps and Blaster:

John the Model A guy and Jim From Bugs&Tugs helped me all day! Awesome to have friends come to the Rehab center for some therapy Too!

.060 over stock bore:

Pan was removed by lowering the wishbone about 5 inches:
Oil pump needs work:

Ring gear looks good to me:

Look at the corrosion on the oil pump end plate, Yikes:

So is this a unbalance crank or a balance crank??

Any one know if a AA radiator will work in a 32??
Hope I did not overload you folks with pictures!


DavidG 07-08-2021 01:23 PM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck


The crankshaft is likely the original and therefore not the later counterbalanced version. Judging from the lock nuts on the main bearing and connecting rod caps, which are 'modern' and maybe not quite up to the task, that engine has seen at least one major overhaul in its life. What oversize are the pistons?

The timing gear looks to have had better days.

As for using a AA radiator, I suspect that at a minimum the radiator shell attachment points won't line up and perhaps the filler neck as well, but I'm guessing. The chassis parts catalog lists them separately which strongly suggests that they are not interchangeable.

If you decide to pull the engine/transmission the head light bar will be in your way.

DavidG 07-08-2021 01:26 PM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck

P.S. The wheels and tires look great!

Bob C 07-08-2021 02:28 PM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck

The infamous number three cylinder scoring.

Reds34 07-08-2021 05:26 PM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck

Those sneakers look good!!


sugarmaker 07-08-2021 09:42 PM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck

Thanks Folks,
We move in fits and starts. Will look at some used oil pump parts tomorrow.
Sorry about picture overload today! That was like 40,000 words!
(still working on what the next plans are) Since the truck is new to me I am still in learning mode. And there is MUCH to learn! I may correct the things I can, put it back together and see if it will run/ move. Drive a little and then look at the next steps for this truck.
I did get pricing from Synder's on the parts to rebuiid the "B" engine. I have been very pleased with their customer service! Someone answers the phone and is knowledgeable on these trucks too!
I did talk to my machinist and he is very confident the can complete the machining for a good strong reliable engine rebuild. So I now have the cost numbers for a rebuild, with me doing the assembly work on the engine, which is where you folks with the experience come in, to guide me through that process. That could be a winter project??

Charlie ny 07-09-2021 08:01 PM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck

I very much have enjoyed your blow by blow journey with your '32. After 18 months
my '32 p'up is on the road thanks to all here on the barn and a much younger assistant
who did the heavy lifting and thinking. Regarding the engine rebuild ,do not hesitate to grill your machine shop guy on his familiarity with pouring babbit mains and rods and
line boring the block. I'll be so bold and mention my motor guy...Mark Warsaw NY, not really that far from the Erie area. It is the obscure details in a rebuild such as this that will 'bite'.
Many thanks for the
journey so far,
Charlie ny

sugarmaker 07-10-2021 06:14 AM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck

Charlie, Wonderful Ford Folks,
Thank you for the information on Mark in Warsaw. Also glad you enjoyed the ride on this thread too.
At this time I was not considering going with the babbit material I was looking at moving over to replaceable type bearing inserts.
I will be just as bold and mention my machinist too, Tim at Valley Machine in Blooming Valley PA. Very good and very busy!

I did pick up some good used oil pump parts that would put this back in way better shape than it was. Although it may get some new gears if the engine goes in for some work.

Also had another Radiator shop look at the rad and they did not like it either. Going to do some comparison to the AA radiator that Snyder's have, to see what the differences are? I am sure someone on here knows the unique differences too. I will find out and report about that at some point too.

Got the oil pan cleaned up and the baffle and pan examined. They don't seem to have any rusted pin holes in them.

I removed the center main cap on the crankshaft and the babbit is long gone. Better that I found this and did not attempt to run this engine.

Did remove the headlight bar to make room for engine trans removal at some point. Found some rusted areas in the fenders under the supports. No real surprise there.

I did get the seat springs positioned to my liking in the cab. I think thatey are going to be fine. Have the brackets relocated a little to match the custom build springs from Snyder's. Will prototype some wood bases for those soon too.

Busy this week with a big show at the local Pioneer Steam and Gas Engine Society in Sagertown PA. I thought the 32 may make a debut there. Not too sure now?? There is a car show there your welcome to come visit the beautiful grounds, July 16,17 and 18. All kinds of old things there from big stationary engines to antique tractor pulls to lots of great food and a flea market and running sawmill too! come vist us and track me down.

So we are at another bend in the road with the 32 project truck. I guess the good news is it can be rolled into a corner for a while and rest a little longer!:)

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