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sugarmaker 06-17-2021 04:23 PM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck

I checked out the links thank you for posting these sources for parts. So far I have not had to buy much. This 32 is pretty complete luckily.
Cheryl will hopefully take a ride in the 32 some day. If I get off the couch it may happen.
Not much action today. Went to Pittsburgh today. Again tomorrow and may try to stop and get seat springs on the way back too.
Thanks to David for seat information on the dual seat system of these trucks.
Off to see if I can pull a hub on the rear.

sugarmaker 06-18-2021 05:20 AM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck

I called in a several favors for the rear brakes on the 32 AAB.
Borrower a well seasoned puller for the hub. Being on a tapered shaft and key way this was no match for my HF 3 jaw.
Pictured here is the correct puller for the job. Lots of gentle tapping with a 2 lb hammer them some love taps on the end of the puller with a 12 lb mall.

During breaks ( no pun intended) I assisted Jim in working on his brake adjusters on the Doodle Tug.

Also took the shifter out of the truck and rebuilt the ball to larger dimension to raise it about 3/32. This allows the move from second to third gear much smoother. Shifter snout was hitting the shift forks just a tad.

Back to the brakes, Once broke free the drum slid off.
Shoes all look really good. Lots of brake Kleen and will add some light drops of lube to moving joints:

Found the air conditioning system still ready to blow icy cold. (if you open it in the winter

Ordered tubes and flaps from Russ at Lucas. Have 7 Firestone 6.00-20 set aside for me to pick up at Millers next week. Tire shop should have first three tires dismounted today. Then to determine the rim clean up process.

Picked up seat springs and misc parts from Snyder's today. Joe is really nice and took a look at my 32 picrtres. Nice place Nice people. I told them the folks on the Ford Barn Forum said HI!

sugarmaker 06-19-2021 06:55 AM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck

Was too pooped to post last night. I spent the afternoon in the shop mostly working on the rear brakes. Greased the bearings on the passengers side rear and re installed the drum onto the axle. I did lube the ebrake pivot points lightly.
Then to the left side. Wheel lug nuts came off the same as the right side. (one nut came off the inner stud with the wheel.

Came up with a way to remove that nut / stud with the wheel off. The right sized Cresent wrench!:

While at Snyder's I got some info on the exhaust pipe connection which may be about wht I need for the 32? This is a model A type flange. I picked up a clamp just in case, but will try use mine with some new bolts.
Bottom line is I may have to have a custom pipe made with this flange and the correct bends. I was trying to maybe get something on the exhaust prior to a attempt to strart the engine.

The model A manifold as a ref.

The springs- set them in position for fit check.

I had to set on them, with some cadrboard,. At 6'-2" tall this truck is going to be a tight fit on the old man!:) I think these will be a really good addition to the 32. Dang that shifter is smooth as silk now! Little things make me happy!

I will start to look at my stock of ash boards to make the seat bases. Also may use the old hangers from the original seat spring back. Thge ash is from a tree here on the property. That will be another post another day!

Last brake drum removal for review:

Rear drivers. I thought I was doing well until the puller started to move. I though the hub had broke free? No it had pulled the nut off one of the studs. I was about sick! I dont every intend to damage anything and try to be really careful. (Hard to do when the tools are a 2 lb hammer for the turning, and a 12 lb mall for the persuading!) But in this case I forgot to tighten the left handed nuts down with a wrench. I took the puller off and moved to another set of studs. Did a quick evaluation of the damage and found that most of the damage was to the nut not the thread on the truck! Whew!!
Proceeded to pound and beat on the puller. Added a little heat to the hub with a MAP gas propane torch. Stopped took a breath, sipped a cool beverage, called a friend, and then went back at it slowly! About 10:30 it popped off!
I was very happy. ( by the way I did turn the adjusters to increase the shoe to drum clearance.
Looks very good in the brake shoe area.

Yea its not show quality in there but it looks pretty well maintained: Pads look ok to me.

E brake pads and actuator:

Here is the back and the large seal:

** I think I need a inner seal for the hub ( shown above), anyone have one or know where I might get one? I dont have the part number yet! its the big one that goes in after the huge needle bearings then a snap ring retains it. I can see the spring of the seal and there is some grease that came out into the backer plate area. hope this is not one of those unobtainable items?? **Off to try to do something besides ride the couch! Hope things ar good In Ford land. Thanks for checking in on me.


Zeke3 06-19-2021 08:52 AM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck

Check with barnfind08 or Michael at Third Gen Automotive for the seal.

Bob C 06-19-2021 09:40 AM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck

Snyder's shows the seals, AA-1175-A and AA-4245-D.

sugarmaker 06-19-2021 08:50 PM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck

Thanks guys!
To tired for much work on the deuce tonight. Hope to pick it up again Monday.

sugarmaker 06-20-2021 05:54 AM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck

Open to opinions on 6 volt vs 12 volt. I have my own thoughts on this too. And at some point will have to burn that bridge!:)
I await your input. I know this is almost a FORD vs Chevy topic or a Political type area. We all have our reasons for both.
I understand both.
My preference would be to convert to 12 volt. I have done that on many of my tractor projects and I really do like the dependability and reliability. But I also have a 1953 Jubilee that is still 6 volts and it has not failed me in 8 years. if all the systems are in good working order 6 volt does work and work well too.
So we have this pretty good original 32 setting here waiting. Pros and cons is the way I try to sort through these type of discussions.
Ford made them 6 volt and they worked. Improved technology came along (12volt) and it works even better!
FYI I probably will pull the 6 volt battery from the Jubilee, if I try to crank this 32 engine over at some point.
Still many moves before that happens!

51504bat 06-20-2021 10:06 AM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck

Converted my '39 p/u to 12 volts. But its not stock, has an 8ba. I'm happier with 12 volts but there are many who will tell you that a 6 volt system in good shape is all you need. In the end its up to you.:cool:

DavidG 06-20-2021 11:58 AM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck


B fours tend to be quicker to fire up than V8s so there's less drain on the battery at start up and less advantage in switching to 12 volts.

Floyd 06-20-2021 12:06 PM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck

6 volts done perfectly ,like when Henry built it , will work perfectly. 6 volts will crank and start that B engine just fine ,like it has for almost 90 years.
I have a 32 and a 40 (cars) and they are 6 volt and run perfectly. You have no real electrical loads to run on a 32 besides horn, lights , ignition coil and one dash light.
Having said that, an Optima 6 V battery in a Ford script battery case (I have done this to both of my cars) is a good idea.
For my '32, I did change the headlights to 6V halogen (the low wattage German bulbs)_ and did use the Bob Drake reflectors. The regular 6 volt halogen bulbs are 55w and too much for the generator. This worked out great as the focal point is perfect, the pattern is perfect and the current draw is exactly the same as the old bulbs, so the generator is more than happy. I don't know what can be done for the truck lights, but if the new -made for -halogenbulb reflectors can be fitted, I would do that. Paint the inside of the tail light white and use the brighter 6V bulb. It will be as bright as a new car, providing the wiring and connections are perfect or better.
Saying it is "6 Volt " is a badge of honor, just like mechanical brakes and original paint. Having to say or answer the inevitable question about " did you convert to 12 volts?" would be admitting defeat. Proudly saying "it is ALL original" has a lot of charm, pride and the fact that you found the perfect vehicle for that should weigh heavily on your decision.
Besides, what is 12V going to do for you (really)?

tubman 06-20-2021 12:12 PM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck

In my opinion, the advent of the Optima battery (800 CCA) makes the question moot for anything other than modified cars. get the faux Ford script case, and you're golden. It's a given that the wiring and grounds are all in top shape.)

Floyd 06-20-2021 01:29 PM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck

Totally agree, Tubman. It take almost nothing to start a perfectly (here is that term again) tuned flathead, B or V8. I liked the optima for the reason of letting the cars sit for a long period of time while holding a charge. I know how easy it is to forget to plug in the battery tender.
Anyway, a new 6 volt wet, or AGM or spiral (Optima) will be much better than the original wet lead-acid batteries from 1932.
Following this kind of logic (?) , a new 6 Volt battery will by definition be an upgrade. It will spin that good/perfect 6 volt starter and you will be off and running. Every time.

sugarmaker 06-20-2021 07:22 PM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck

Thank you folks for your thoughts and suggestions on the 6V vs 12 V systems.
I did not know about the Optima battery option. Will check that out too.
This is not going to be a show truck by any means. Just a survivor in its work clothes!

sugarmaker 06-21-2021 07:21 AM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck

Hope to have a update on rims today. Need to drop these off at the shop. If they can save any of these tires my friend Jim might use them on his Doodle bug?

I was able to save the original starter knob and cable. much cleaning and lubing. It is not perfect and may not work the end of the wire broke off and it may be too short?? But it feels like it will function. Rebuilding a engine might have been easier??
Yea I had to get that patina off to get rust out and lube in:

Pulled for start position:

I thought this was black but in the picture it looks brown??:

Here is one of the brake shackles drilled for the new oversized pin from Snyder's. I need to get some drill bits .340 dai to run in my right angled driver head. As I plan to drill the levers on the truck while still in position. That should be fun! Have to pick up some new 5/16 fine thread nuts to replace these rusted away ones on the rods. Yea they may be the correct ones But when I want to tighten these down I want good wrench flats. Original ones are very corroded. But have not had one the would not come apart yet!

Spending some quality time under the truck and find the gas line coming off the bottom of the tank with a shut off valve. Will try to get a picture. Looks maybe a rework/ repair/ rigged???


DavidG 06-21-2021 09:45 AM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck

There was a shutoff valve on the bottom of the tank originally. It was a carryover Model A part. Your photo of it will tell us all. Snyder's carry what appears to be a faithful reproduction of the original as well as new packing if yours is otherwise okay.

If you want an operable original fuel gauge, Mike McKennett (Restorations and Reproductions, Portland, OR) makes a faithful reproduction of the siamesed (fused together) fuel/air lines in copper-plated steel as original. Likely the air line portion from the tank unit to the gauge is beyond saving. Likely also will be that the tiny tubing on the back of the gauge is blocked and the gauge cannot function as designed. There have been numerous threads herein on the subject of restoring original hydrostatic gauges such as yours.

All '32 instrument panel and starter switch cable knobs were brown on North American-produced '32s. Yours cleaned up nicely.

Two more items have shown up in your informative photos that suggest your truck was not an especially early production version, namely the later type firewall and cowl vent.

Bob C 06-21-2021 09:59 AM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck

If the tubes are no good save the valve stems as they may be originals.

Floyd 06-21-2021 12:18 PM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck

As David said, the brown starter knob is original and another high value item. Reproductions are junk. For nuts, bolts and fasteners in general, call Micheal at Thirdgen in Tenn. He has ALL of the correctly correct thick headed bolts, nuts washers and in the proper finish ,etc. for your truck. Don't even try the hardware store, even though they do have some fine thread stuff. Micheal took over the world famous "Fordbolts " company when Roy passed away. He is your friend for this stuff.

Charlie Stephens 06-21-2021 12:41 PM



Just a post to say THANKS for all of the high quality photos and text describing what they show. They sure make it easier to understand.

Charlie Stephens

DavidG 06-21-2021 01:26 PM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck


I could not have said it better. Seeing the details of the brakes inside the removed hubs/drums has been a special treat.

rockfla 06-21-2021 01:34 PM

Re: 1932 The Deuce, Dually, Dump Truck

From the "humor" side of things it looks as if you have to have tools/tools to work on that "BB" truck IE "Large" sized tools for a "large" sized truck!!!

Agree with Charlie & David, this has been a fantastic post, AND a Fantastic truck!!!!

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