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floatsonwater 11-03-2017 12:59 AM

Grandpa's 1924 Model T Touring

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My grandpa recently passed away at 100yrs old and left behind a number of cars, tractors and even an airplane. He has a 1924 Model T Touring, purchase from the original owner back in the 50's. About all I know about the car is that it has the factory electric start option and the two speed rear axle. It's been in his barn and hasn't been driven in a good 5-10 years. It was running before being parked, but currently does not start. As far as I know everything in the car is original.

Trying to decide if we are going to keep the car or put it in auction. Unfortunately I do not know much about Model T's, or the costs to fix/restore. Can anyone give me any information on what car like this would be worth in current condition? If I keep it and want to do a light restoration to clean it up and get it running what would I expect to spend? I would probably want to get mechanicals cleaned up so its reliable and fix up the interior. Body work seems to be pretty good shape. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

J Franklin 11-03-2017 01:10 AM

Re: Grandpa's 1924 Model T Touring

Scary license plate! It looks like it needs not much more than a thorough cleaning for a restoration. Change the oil and drain/replace the gasoline, a new battery and it might run well.

floatsonwater 11-03-2017 01:18 AM

Re: Grandpa's 1924 Model T Touring

Yep, plate number is not the greatest! But original 1924 plate is pretty neat.

Dodge 11-03-2017 02:40 AM

Re: Grandpa's 1924 Model T Touring

KEEP just looks like it needs the basics and a good cleaning. You'll love it and so would grandpa.
Find a local Model T Club chapter. I bet a couple of people in the club would love to help you get it running.

15max 11-03-2017 09:16 AM

Re: Grandpa's 1924 Model T Touring

If you take a liking to the car and are willing to do the work yourself there is a lot of help and information from many folks here and on the MTFCA Forum. Some folks learn to love a Model T. Others are aggravated by them. If you have to pay someone to do the work it could be expensive. There are many T's for sale and not so many people who want them. I have found it to be a great hobby but not the best investment.
I hope you find what works for you. Thanks for giving us a look at it.

tmodelman 11-03-2017 04:45 PM

Re: Grandpa's 1924 Model T Touring

Very nice '24 with a rather good restore with new paint and upholstery and top sometime about 30 years ago, and still nice. Only needs to be cleaned.

Tires look like new too. The Ruckstell 2 speed axle adds value, and its been tour updated by the original Ruckstell shift lever removed (oval hole in floorboard) and a newer assessor left hand shift lever added at the emergency brake slot. Those were made only about 10 years ago or so.

Should be able to run again, may need nothing but gas tank and carb clean out if stored with tainted fuel, and new coolant, battery and perhaps some minor things, less than $200 to get her going my guess!

If there is a title that adds $500, without one, deduct that.

Ordinary black tourings, '23-'25 bring about $8-10k in running shape as this one should be. Add a bit for the Ruckstell to the right buyer, that would be another $2k.

DFroster 11-03-2017 05:45 PM

Re: Grandpa's 1924 Model T Touring

Keep it and make Grandpa proud.

Gary in La. 11-03-2017 08:22 PM

Re: Grandpa's 1924 Model T Touring

Be careful around the back 2 windows as it appears that the fabric is shrinking away from the window frame clamping. wouldn't want them falling out.

tmodelman 11-04-2017 10:16 AM

Re: Grandpa's 1924 Model T Touring

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Think the vinyl windows in that newer top are OK.

Believe the owner just 'added' the Hastings metal frames around the sewn in windows for effect. I did the same on my '24, added the accessory frames (originally these came with glass windows as total replacement, but easy to find just the frames today. The frames come with holes and tiny bolts and nuts to fasten to the top material like a sandwich. Most times they don't fit exactly so you may have the vinyl window 'peaking out' from under the frames

Gives an 'old' look to new tops :)

Gary in La. 11-04-2017 12:34 PM

Re: Grandpa's 1924 Model T Touring

Interesting aspect. I hadn't seen the use of just the frames before. Thanks for the info.

nhusa 11-04-2017 06:13 PM

Re: Grandpa's 1924 Model T Touring

Looks like a good one!

I have my dads T and A.
Every time I work on them it is like he is helping me.

41panelmark 11-10-2017 08:44 PM

Re: Grandpa's 1924 Model T Touring

Keep it, learn all you can and drive the heck out of it.

Gary loves Fords 02-07-2018 03:58 PM

Re: Grandpa's 1924 Model T Touring

Looks like a nice Model T. I would keep it, for sure. As somebody said, join a local Model T chapter in your area. I live in Michigan also and am a member of the Casual T's. Model T people are always willing to lend their time and expertise to help newbies into the hobby. One you learn to drive a Model T (20 minutes time) you will surely get addicted to these wonderful automobiles. I live in Waterford Michigan, West of Pontiac. Call me and I will be happy to help you. 248-802-7924 Regards, Gary

pookie55 02-19-2018 10:43 PM

Re: Grandpa's 1924 Model T Touring

looks good to me and I too would keep the car

Dodge 02-21-2018 04:11 AM

Re: Grandpa's 1924 Model T Touring

Any updates have you got it running?

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