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Gary loves Fords 12-27-2014 07:45 PM

WANTED: Model T Depot Hack
City: Waterford
State: Michigan

I am interested in purchasing a Model T Depot Hack, that has been completely restored and rebuilt and is the prettiest example on planet earth. Hyman Ltd. had one to my liking, but I don't see it adbvertised any longer. My problem is that most I have seen, I dont't like the shade of wood, or the design of the wood panels, orthe way the seats are laid out....etc. etc. I'll know when the right one comes along. Yes, I am fussy, but I am a serious buyer and want the right one for my collection. If anyone can be of help, I would be eternally greatful. I can be reached at 248-802-7924. Thanks in advance. Gary

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