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scicala 12-31-2018 12:57 PM

Re: Installing a Y-Block in a 36 Coupe


Originally Posted by blucar (Post 1710749)
I have a 59AB engine in my '36 coupe which I installed in 1954. The engine has a OFFY Super dual carb manifold, Harmon Collins dual coil ignition and stock '36 exhaust manifolds. An off-set side mount generator mount bolted to the right head solved the generator location problem.
The fan is mounted to a cut down '39 Ford two brush generator, attached in the stock position on the front of the intake manifold. This type of generator has ball bearings in lieu of bushings. A very common application in the mid '50's.


I like the way your engine looks with stock style air filters. It makes it look like as if it were an original factory set up.


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