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mhaim 01-05-2016 06:31 PM

33-34 spare tire cover OD-ID

What is the inside and outside diameter of the 33-34 cover disc. I picked up one with a screwed on stainless ring and at 27 3/4 X 15 7/8 it's just a little small to catch the band all the way around. Does this size fit 16" tire. Thanks

koates 01-05-2016 07:11 PM

Re: 33-34 spare tire cover OD-ID

Hi mhaim, your measurements would seem to be for a 1933-34 17" tire facia plate. The measurements I have taken in the past are :- 1933-34 17" tire facia plate 28" across and 15 3/4" hole. 1935 16" tire facia plate 27 1/4" across and 14 3/4" hole. I think the tread covers for 34 & 35 are the same but have not measured them around the circumference with a cloth tape measure. The brand and outside size and tread width of a particular tire can have an effect on how tight the facia plate fits against the tread cover. Some tires are larger than the original 5.50"x17" or 6.00"x16" tires supplied when the cars were new. Hope this helps you. Regards, Kevin.

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