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David R. 01-16-2020 08:12 PM

Service Bulletins Arrival

Iím a newbie; just starting with an AA truck. Got my copy (green paper back version) of A /AA service bulletins today. Thanks for recommending it. This will be a big help.

The Master Cylinder 01-16-2020 08:57 PM

Re: Service Bulletins Arrival

Awesome, enjoy!

Gunmetal blue2 01-17-2020 08:29 PM

Re: Service Bulletins Arrival

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What year truck you got. Body style. I have a 29 cc AA in pieces so if you want to know what some thing looks inside, e-mail me at . put in subject line AA truck.

David R. 01-17-2020 09:19 PM

Re: Service Bulletins Arrival

I have what appears to be a 1930 chassis. Engine sn, (though may not be original), is 9/30 and so far the Budd wheels are dated same. It came with no body except for parts from an early attempt at building / rebuilding? a huckster body. Going through engine now. Got a loooong way to go.

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