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KULTULZ 04-27-2020 12:29 PM

Re: Which PS fluid


Originally Posted by KULTULZ (Post 1879780)

(A-C-D) were TYPE A SUFFIX A blend progression in 1959-1960 - All were TYPE A)

OK, got to wondering and what I read in the LUBRICATION GUIDE was explained in a footnote, KEY TO LUBRICANTS.


Another example - ST - STANDARD TRANSMISSION LUBRICANT and so on.

FA does not stand for a type of fluid, at least in FOMOCO terminology.

I have seen on aftermarket fluids the description FA and I am now a$$-u-mine(ing) is just is a description of FORD AUTOMATIC.

rotorwrench 04-27-2020 05:42 PM

Re: Which PS fluid

It replaces type A & B for FORDS. GM products use the Dexron.

Mercon came later to merge type CJ and type H. Type F is named after the last dash letter of the original Ford specification. Type A no longer exists in its original form. No whale oil, no type A. Type B is gone as well. Dexron replaces that stuff in GM units. The type A & B are obsolete so anyone can claim a type A or B but that is just a claim it's not a fact.

Ford made the spec. It's not compatible with anything else but it is what it is. It was made to work in old Fords and later Fords just before the AOD family. We used it in all the old Fords with cruise-o-matics, FMX, and C4 transmissions. I would never use Dexron in those old transmissions. Ya'll can use what ever you want it's a free country.

KULTULZ 04-27-2020 06:29 PM

Re: Which PS fluid


Originally Posted by rotorwrench (Post 1880235)

It replaces type A & B for FORDS. GM products use the Dexron.

Mercon came later to merge type CJ and type H.

It referring to TYPE FA?


Valvoline Type FA is a high-quality transmission fluid specifically engineered to protect and prolong the life of automatic transmissions. It is designed for use where Ford specifications M2C33-F, M2C33-G and Ford Type F fluids are recommended."

Provides excellent resistance against clutch slippage for extended transmission life.

Provides excellent resistance to fluid oxidation/breakdown at high temperatures.

Approved for 1980 and earlier Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles.

Approved for use in Mazda, Saab, Toyota, Volvo and other Japanese and European vehicles requiring a Type F fluid.

TYPE FA seems to be an aftermarket fluid designation only. There is no reference to the description in FORD literature and/or packaging. The above is VALVOLINE's statement, not FORD's.

If a person cannot ask a question and get a truthful and knowledgeable answer, this only becomes a bull-sh!at session.

BTW - You need to read the history of MERCON.


Aftermarket Automatic Transmission Fluids -

For over 70 years, the oil aftermarket has produced both licensed, and non-licensed, formulations of automatic transmission fluid. Today, aftermarket fluids asserted by their manufacturers to be compatible for use in General Motors automatic transmissions continue to be sold under names such as Dexron/Mercon, Multi-Purpose, and Multi-Vehicle fluids.

Non-licensed fluid is typically less expensive, these fluids are not regulated or endorsed by Ford for use in their transmissions. Vehicle manufacturer approved and licensed fluids must have the license number printed on the product information label of the container or on the container housing. Non-Licensed fluids do not show a license number. Make sure the fluid to be installed into a transmission matches the recommended fluid in the specifications section of the vehicle's owner's manual.

This has been a lost exercise.

KULTULZ 04-28-2020 08:28 AM

Re: Which PS fluid

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It replaces type A & B for FORDS. GM products use the Dexron.
FORD used DEXRON and even had a license from GM to blend and sell it -

rotorwrench 04-28-2020 01:11 PM

Re: Which PS fluid

I have never used Ford branded fluids since they tend to charge more and it was more convenient to go to my Uncle's auto parts store. I've always purchased aftermarket lubricants.

When the C6 came out, it changed things at Ford. They were getting closer to being able to use the same fluids across the board since so many C6s were put into service. I've had my share of GM products and I use aftermarket Dexron labeled products in them. ATF products have changed about as much as motor oils and most folks don't know what motor oil to use either. Most all transmissions are made the same way now days. There are so many 4 & 5 speed electric automatics in service that they about have to use the same ATF. The foreign made cars are the ones you have to check now. There are some odd ball fluids for those. Even a lot of manual transmissions went to ATF.

If you want to see some BS just look up Dexron. It makes Mercon seem tame. It came out at the same time as Ford Type F.

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