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Bob from Northport 08-04-2020 04:05 PM

Starting/spark rod trouble

We are working on a 28 Roadster truck that has a NuRex distributor in it. The engine starts fine if retarded only half way. If you push the rod to full advance it kills the engine.
Used a timing light to verify advance is good at the bottom.
Is it possible the small brass arm that contacts the lower plate is loosing contact when the plate is rotated?? Killing engine power??

Any thoughts???

ryanheacox 08-04-2020 04:09 PM

Re: Starting/spark rod trouble

Sounds like you have the wireless plates in your distributor. The best advice I can give (and I'm sure others will give the same) would be to ditch the wireless plates and go back to stock. The wireless plates create more problems than they solve.

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