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Minn-Tex Lee 06-22-2018 10:06 AM

Break shoe width

I have a problem getting the correct torque on my rear hub.It binds at 40 ft lbs. I also see signs of hub to shoe interference. My shoe width measures 1 5/8". Do you feel that is correct?
Should I grind off the high spots , replace the shoes, or is there something else I am missing?
These are hydro brakes.

cjkohnast 06-22-2018 10:27 AM

Re: Break shoe width

On my juice brakes I had to put axle shims on the rear. Snyders catalog says prevents the brake drum from rubbing against the backing plate

Jim Brierley 06-22-2018 11:05 AM

Re: Break shoe width

Yes, you'll need to put shims at the outer ends of the axles. You can buy or make your own out of a tin can or whatever else is around. Re-torque the nut once or twice after a few miles. For those who are building a rear end that will have hydraulics or later mechanicals, I recommend machining .100" off the housing flange where the backers bolt to. This moves the brakes inboard and eliminates the need for shims.

Minn-Tex Lee 06-22-2018 01:22 PM

Re: Break shoe width

I decided to order the shims. They are .004 thick. Does anyone know how to calculate the amount that will bring out the hub? Assume a 5* taper. My trig is a little rusty.


GRutter 06-22-2018 08:42 PM

Re: Break shoe width

I would be very concerned about your not being able to properly torque the axle nut and would solve that problem asap. Look closely at the axle shaft threads. Buy new HARDENED nuts. Brattons has them.

redmodelt 06-23-2018 11:18 AM

Re: Break shoe width

If it is a shoe problem, the shoes should be arced to the drums and if needed, the outer edge can be beveled some if interferes with the radius in the corner of the drum. If it is a drum to backing plate do as Jim suggested or have the drums turned to remove some of the outer lip where it fits into the recess in the backing plate. From what is shared, I get the impression that at anything over 40FP the drums are ether binding on the shoes or backing plates preventing them from turning. (?) My OP is shims are a last resort and if installed; only use one per side. If two are needed, make a single out of thicker steel shim (DO NOT USE ALUMINUM OR BRASS) stock instead of installing two.

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