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rockfla 07-16-2020 07:03 AM

Re: 1932 "survivoration"


Originally Posted by DavidG (Post 1909462)
DD and Robert,

Station wagon bodies were numbered as 'ro' states so it is presumably the eleventh station wagon body built. It would be something of a coincidence if it were the eleventh station wagon produced as that presumes that all '32 station wagons were assembled at a single assembly plant and that plant ruthlessly employed FIFO inventory control. Neither of those presumptions are accurate based on Ford's archival records. The body may be from the eighth or eighteen or eightieth whole station wagon built depending on where that station wagon was assembled and how far away that assembly plant was located compared to the location of where the body was built (there were two sources of the '32 station wagon bodies as Baker-Rauling only made some of them). There are no surviving records of when either numbered bodies or specific engine number engine/transmission assemblies were assembled together into a vehicle, station wagon or otherwise. A more accurate claim would be; "it's an '32 early station wagon and its body was the eleventh one built by Baker-Rauling", assuming it is a Baker-Rauling body. Presumably it has the early version of the header bow and no tool box in the floor in front of the tailgate like the later '32 station wagon bodies.

Some, but perhaps not even a majority of Ford-built '32 passenger car bodies (standard coupes and sedans most notably) had a body number stamped on the #1 steel cross sill usually with a letter prefix (D for Dearborn, T for Twin Cities, etc.) denoting the plant where the body was built. The cabriolets, convertible sedans, deluxe coupes, and some, but not all, Fordor sedans had separate numbered body builder tags riveted to that #1 cross sill.

Thanks for "un-sticking" me David!!!

Bored&Stroked 07-16-2020 07:40 AM

Re: 1932 "survivoration"

Hi DavidG - I'd like to look for the body tag on my Cabriolet. Is this a tag that you can see when the body is on the car (assembled) - or is it hidden? Where exactly 'should' I look if it is accessible? Thanks as always!

ro 07-16-2020 10:21 AM

Re: 1932 "survivoration"


Originally Posted by flatford8 (Post 1909361)
I also applaud your effort!...yes, it is a very valuable car but, it ain’t just about the money. I honestly believe you will enjoy it more by not investing tens of thousands of dollars and worrying every time somebody walks up to it or leaving it home in the garage because something may happen to it. Consider a build thread and add pics and text when you complete another segment. I know a build thread is a lot of time and effort but I think many would be interested.
GBSISSON built his own “Woodie” using a half-ton pickup. Check out his thread on the build.......Good Luck!!!.......Mark

I can see where it might be fun to share the experience and get thoughts and input from folks on here. I will say though, I'm no mechanic, so it would not be a very technical thread :) The car has a running '32 b motor installed already, but the wiring needs completed. A portion of my thread would show me reaching out to other folks when it comes to such things.

So, I'm open to the idea if folks would be interested, and someone could suggest a good way to publish such a thing. Seems like there are some limitations within the normal threads with picture sizes, and such.

I am a filmmaker and graphic designer, so while it may lack technical expertise, the thread would at least look decent. :)

DavidG 07-16-2020 10:29 AM

Re: 1932 "survivoration"


If intact, as a fair number of them seem to end up removed when a body is painted and then not reinstalled or perhaps kept as a souvenir, it would be beneath the front edge of the seat bottom on the right side riveted to the top of the #1 cross sill.

woodiewagon46 09-03-2020 07:41 PM

Re: 1932 "survivoration"

There is an original '32 Station Wagon tail light bracket in the classified section of the V-8 Ford Club site if your interested.

DavidG 09-03-2020 09:28 PM

Re: 1932 "survivoration"

2 Attachment(s)
With respect, that bracket on the Club website is misidentified. Unlike later station wagons, the '32 version uses the same tail lamp bracket as the later Model A, '32, and later pickup trucks, etc.. It mounts under the body, not on the side of the body as shown in the first photo below.

In the second photo, the original bracket is the third from the left (the remainder of the brackets in that photo are the rest of the tail lamp brackets used on North American '32 vehicles).

Kerk 09-04-2020 05:28 AM

Re: 1932 "survivoration"

I remember Lee A. telling me the story of His attempt to pick up his Original 1932 Woody Wagon from the original owner. The owner would not let him take the car as it was raining and he never had it out in the rain!! Lee went back on a nice day and drove it home . kerk

DavidG 09-04-2020 05:39 AM

Re: 1932 "survivoration"

And thanks to Lee my station wagon has the correct sliding side curtains. He and his brother, Jack, would not be happy with what happened to the business that they built from the ground up in Amesbury, MA.

woodiewagon46 09-04-2020 07:45 AM

Re: 1932 "survivoration"

David, that's why you're "the man" when it comes to the 1932 Ford!

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