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95476 08-01-2018 03:58 PM

LeBaron Bonney

I have been trying to contact LeBarron Bonney for a few days without and luck.
Are they on vacation or reduced hours ?
I noticed it last fall when I placed an order as well.
It took over a week to get back to me.
Thank you.

DavidG 08-01-2018 07:01 PM

Re: LeBaron Bonney

Join the club; their staff cutbacks have resulted in much slower response times, both in terms of telephone followups and completion of orders. Perhaps even more importantly, those cutbacks have resulted in the loss of much of their expertise regarding authenticity and how-to questions not covered by their instructions.

This is not sour grapes on my part as I have been a very satisfied customer for fifty years.

russcc 08-01-2018 07:09 PM

Re: LeBaron Bonney

They may be in the process of moving from Amesbury MA to Wilton Maine. A friend in Maine told me about it a couple weeks ago. They apparently employee about 20 people up in Maine, which would likely be most of their staff. Wilton was an old mill town, and home of the Bass Shoe Company for many years. There are likely some nice old mill buildings available up there. That's the type building LB was in up in Amesbury. Sound like a good move, out of Amesbury which is sliding, and up to Wilton.

msmaron 08-02-2018 02:03 PM

Re: LeBaron Bonney

The company was sold...The service has declined to a point of being terrible..Everything has taken a hit with the company...this has been going on for over 6 months now..

Flathead 08-02-2018 02:42 PM

Re: LeBaron Bonney

That doesn't sound good, I've been saving for a Model A interior. :(

russcc 08-02-2018 03:34 PM

Re: LeBaron Bonney

The new owner must have moved it to Maine. Glad I got the '40 Interior stuff when I did.

alanwoodieman 08-02-2018 04:31 PM

Re: LeBaron Bonney

OK so that explain why the took my money for a 40 wagon interior and then kept putting off delivery for 4 months after their 45 days that I was promised. got a lot of excusses but no real reason

TJ 08-02-2018 05:56 PM

Re: LeBaron Bonney

Anybody know who bought the company? I recommended them to a friend recently and when he called to ask some basic questions. The person on the phone could not answer them. I thought maybe he got a new employee, but maybe not.

PJBELFAY 08-02-2018 06:06 PM

Re: LeBaron Bonney

I got my interior for 37 deluxe coupe and one of the of the panels is clearly wrong, (spare tire curtain)havent had any luck with calls or emails either, been trying a couple of weeks now.

95476 08-02-2018 07:17 PM

Re: LeBaron Bonney

If I could get someone to answer the phone or my e-mails I would just cancel my order.
I hate to see another once great company go away.
I have used them almost a dozen times over the years with ZERO problems until now.
This will make restoration a bit more complicated.
The times they are a changing.

RKS.PA 08-02-2018 08:29 PM

Re: LeBaron Bonney

This is so sad. I got my stuff from them last year to re-do my '47 convertible. It was perfect, and so were the instruction. Yet another wonderful resource going down the drain....hopefully not.


flatjack9 08-02-2018 09:32 PM

Re: LeBaron Bonney


Originally Posted by alanwoodieman (Post 1658621)
OK so that explain why the took my money for a 40 wagon interior and then kept putting off delivery for 4 months after their 45 days that I was promised. got a lot of excusses but no real reason

The same thing is happening to me on my 36 roadster top.

deuce lover 08-03-2018 03:27 AM

Re: LeBaron Bonney

Took 3 months to get a top kit for my friends 1930 coupe.They said they were out of the Cobra short grain.Ordered with David Costello at the end of May.Got it last week in France with no issues .They even sent it USPS which was $71.UPS would have been $120.The import duty in France for that order was only $25.I thought was really fair.The hobby is a changing.

FHFD 08-03-2018 06:57 AM

Re: LeBaron Bonney

I had intentions of using I'm a bit skeptical.
If not Lebaron Bonney, who else to use?

95476 08-03-2018 08:23 AM

Re: LeBaron Bonney

I got an e-mail from them this AM telling me about their sale on seat covers.

Cecil/WV 08-03-2018 08:35 AM

Re: LeBaron Bonney

I just finished installing the headliner in my '48 Sedan Coupe. I got my interior from Mac's and this is the first time I ever installed a headliner, It fits very well and is quality material and $1000.00 less than LB.

Cecil/WV 08-03-2018 08:47 AM

Re: LeBaron Bonney

1 Attachment(s)
Here's a picture of my headliner installed!

Old Redneck 08-03-2018 09:27 AM

Re: LeBaron Bonney

1 Attachment(s)
I have had a seat cover for my 39 Coupe Conv. for several months. I sent a e-mail asking for the 15 percent off. Hope I get it?

Kahuna 08-03-2018 09:59 AM

Re: LeBaron Bonney

That looks great.
I have never purchased a complete interior from LB, but have had great service in both information & smaller items for my 32 Tudor.
I really hope the new owners can get it right, but I have my doubts.
When a company moves, it sometimes has larger problems in that not all of the seasoned employees can/will relocate.
I feel they will have an uphill battle for awhile.

Willit Stop 08-03-2018 10:36 AM

Re: LeBaron Bonney

A few years back I ordered a headliner for my coupe from Cartouche (Mac's). Zero complaints. It fit perfectly and was reasonably priced.

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