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bjwsr1935 11-28-2019 11:52 AM

timng gear from a camshaft

How do you remove the timing gear from the camshaft? Its a 37 ford v8 flathead. Also looking to replace the gear but having difficuilty finding one to purchase

bjwsr1935 11-28-2019 11:55 AM

Re: timing gear from a camshaft

how do you remove the old timing gear from the lower camshaft from a 37 Ford v8 flathead? Aso looking to replace it but having difficuiting finding one.

Can you help?

KiWinUS 11-28-2019 11:56 AM

Re: timng gear from a camshaft

Presses off & back on. Check with Barnfind08 here on fordbarn- Fred Wilmer he has gears.

mfirth 11-28-2019 03:08 PM

Re: timng gear from a camshaft

Did you try Vanpelt Sales...for a new one?

Mac VP 11-29-2019 07:14 AM

Re: timng gear from a camshaft

I assume that your request was for the timing gear on the camshaft. For 1935-38 cams that gear was pressed onto the camshaft. Those were fiber gears with a steel center bore. There’s a small notch on the steel center which must align with a comparable notch on the cam. We have original style fiber gears in standard, and a couple oversizes (.003” and .005” I believe). We don’t have the press on gears available in aluminum at this time. Just contact us after the holiday break if you want to order one.

v8nut 11-29-2019 03:22 PM

Re: timng gear from a camshaft

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Be very careful when you press the timing gear back on. The registration mark or index mark on my 1935 camshaft is not easy to see. See picture below. My engine rebuilder had an apprentice assemble my camshaft and he must of just guessed where to press the gear back on. It was way off and of course the engine did not run. It was not a lot of fun to fix as you can imagine.

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