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GaryU. 12-20-2018 07:45 PM

Planetary Alignment? - '38 convertible.

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It must be a case of all the planets in alignment, that seems the only explanation for the new addition to our family. This car belonged to a friends father who passed away in September. His name was Larry Anderson and was the nicest guy you could ever meet. Larry lived in Stoughton Wisconsin his whole life and bought this 1938 Convertible in 2006 after losing his house, and a vintage Volkswagen to a tornado a few years before. At the time he said he wanted a car that was made the year he was born. I first saw this car at a show about ten years ago and thought what a beautiful car and great color to boot. It was not a perfect concours example but a very nice usable vehicle. After Larry passed his children decided to sell as none of them wanted it for themselves which leads to me and the planets. It is one thing to be in the right place at the right time but another to have funds available and family that is willing to go along with a wild idea to buy a very cool car. Spring needs to come early this year so we can put the top down and hit the road. Now for a question, is the car properly called a Deluxe Convertible Club Coupe? Has a full trunk, no rumble seat but a back seat.

mercman from oz 12-20-2018 08:23 PM

Re: Planetary Alignment? - '38 convertible.;d=1545355071
Congratulations on your new car. I am sure that you and your family will get a lot of enjoyment out of it. The above photo from the original sales brochure shows the various body styles that were available for 1938. You are correct in describing your car as a 1938 Ford Deluxe Convertible Club Coupe. Refer to illustration at the bottom left hand corner.

mercman from oz 12-20-2018 08:31 PM

Re: Planetary Alignment? - '38 convertible.;d=1545355732;d=1545355732
This 1938 Ford Deluxe Convertible Club Coupe, similar to yours was on display at the recent Grand Nationals in Dearborn earlier this year.

mercman from oz 12-20-2018 08:35 PM

Re: Planetary Alignment? - '38 convertible.;d=1545355673;d=1545355673
By comparison, this is the 1938 Ford Deluxe Convertible Coupe. This example was also on display at the recent Grand Nationals in Dearborn.

fordv8j 12-20-2018 09:19 PM

Re: Planetary Alignment? - '38 convertible.

You have a beautiful 38, looks to be Washington Blue, congratulations, they are a rare car, We own the Desert Sand Convertible Coupe in this post

flatford8 12-21-2018 04:47 AM

Re: Planetary Alignment? - '38 convertible.

Beautiful cars!!! the “Club Coupe", everybody sits inside..”Convertble Coupe”..has a rumble seat....what defines a “Cabriolet”?.......Mark

JM 35 Sedan 12-21-2018 06:09 AM

Re: Planetary Alignment? - '38 convertible.

I have no idea of the proper name, but I do know it's a beautiful car! Congratulations!! Any plans to bring it to the Auburn Meet next year?

Jembow 12-21-2018 06:27 AM

Re: Planetary Alignment? - '38 convertible.

My first car (1968) was just this car, but RHD and called a Club Cabriolet over here. No mention of Deluxe because they didn't sell the Standard here

The only problem was the airflow with the top down, over 30mph it was sitting in a tornado! If there was any speck of dust on the floor, it would end up in my eye.

If I wanted to seriously embarass myself, I could post the movie my brother shot of me and the girlfriend driving round the Berkshire hills

Have fun!

GaryU. 12-21-2018 10:30 AM

Re: Planetary Alignment? - '38 convertible.

No plans for going to Auburn at this time. Think they last used the Cabriolet name in 1937, at least in U.S. I don't know what would differentiate one from the other.

19Fordy 12-21-2018 10:30 AM

Re: Planetary Alignment? - '38 convertible.

Here's one definition of cabriolet and convertible. Semantically puzzling.
Cabriolet is a synonym of convertible. Convertible is a synonym of cabriolet.
As nouns the difference between convertible and cabriolet is that convertible is a car whose roof can be removed or folded while cabriolet is an automobile with a retractable top.

As a adjective convertible is able to be converted.

In 1938 there was the convertible coupe 81A-760A with only the front seat.
There was also the convertible Club Coupe 81A-760B which ,I think, also had a back seat.
Also, in 1938 the terms Roadsters,Cabriolet and Club Cabriolet were dropped and replaced with the terms convertible coupe and convertible club coupe. Source: The V-8 Album

RalphM 12-21-2018 10:44 AM

Re: Planetary Alignment? - '38 convertible.

Beautiful car! And a great color for it!
Congrats on your new acquisition.

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