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Blindhuckster 04-29-2020 02:05 PM

1937 Ford clock wiring confirmation

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This may sound like a dumb question but the positive ground system seems to always make me question myself. So I want to confirm the proper wiring connections for the clock on a 37 ford coupe 6 volt positive ground system. There are two terminals on the back of the clock. One is Battery and the other ground. Wiring diagram shows the Black wire with a yellow strip attaches to the fuse block and other end attaches to clock power. So I want to confirm that this connection (clock power) would be to the battery terminal on the back of the clock. I just want to confirm that this is correct. Sorry if I'm overthinking this. Thanks Nate

TJ 04-29-2020 03:04 PM

Re: 1937 Ford clock wiring confirmation

Yes it connects to clock power(battery power).

supereal 04-29-2020 03:20 PM

Re: 1937 Ford clock wiring confirmation

No dumb questions here. the clock io powered by the yellow black wire goes to the fuse block where the yellow black connects to the fuse. This is connected to he battery terminal on the clock. The ground terminal on the clock can be attached to any chassis ground. The fuse is for the all the lighting circuits only. Polarity is not important, as all 37's are six volt. You may consider placing a convenient in line fuse holder between the clock power and the fuse block, as electric clocks can, and do, run the battery down when the car is lightly used. This information came from Ford Service Bulletin April 15, 1938.

Blindhuckster 04-29-2020 09:49 PM

Re: 1937 Ford clock wiring confirmation

Thanks for the confirmation. I appreciate it. Nate

Zeke3 04-30-2020 09:51 AM

Re: 1937 Ford clock wiring confirmation

Supereal, the clock has an integral fuse in the housing, between the battery and ground connection, would you still recommend adding an additional fuse holder in the power line.

I have one of these clocks also and am missing the cap for the fuse holder. Also, the last time I tried I could not remove the rear cover to expose the wiring connections. It is good to see what the clock looks like without the rear cover installed. I am pretty sure I had it apart 50+ years ago. Did I say this was a looong project?

Blindhuckster, I have followed your recent posts about the '37 clock with great interest, thanks for bringing them up.

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