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DBSHELTON 05-25-2020 09:44 AM

Distributor Shaft Sleeve

I need to re-install the Shaft Sleeves on a couple of Distributors I took apart and rebuilt. Would it be OK if I used 1/8" dia Roll Pins instead of 1/8" solid pins?

chrs1961815 05-25-2020 09:51 AM

Re: Distributor Shaft Sleeve

Yes it is fine as long as it is thr right length and holds it tight.

dbaldwi3 05-25-2020 09:56 AM

Re: Distributor Shaft Sleeve


ryanheacox 05-25-2020 10:49 AM

Re: Distributor Shaft Sleeve

Sounds good to me. I believe the new sleeves you would get from the vendors come with a roll pin instead of solid as well.

DBSHELTON 05-25-2020 12:26 PM

Re: Distributor Shaft Sleeve

I just put 2 together and everything is tight. Used the same roll pins as small block and big block Fords use.

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