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Robert1936 04-02-2018 11:47 PM

36 hubcap restoration

I've seen the answer before on here but I can't find it now.
What's the best way to get the stainless covers back on to my newly painted 36 hubcaps.

hotcoupe 04-03-2018 09:16 AM

Re: 36 hubcap restoration

The way I did it with my '37 caps, put the steel cap in the freezer overnight and put the stainless steel cap in the oven @ 200* for 20 minutes. Position them correctly and the stainless will fall on (no force needed).
Hope this helps,

36and63 04-03-2018 09:31 AM

Re: 36 hubcap restoration

Take a new 1 gallon paint can, remove the cover. Cover with towel folded a couple times. Center the stainless cap upside down in the opening. Lay the painted cover onto the cap. I then use a 2x6 approximately 2 feet long on top the hubcap. Then with some force sit with all your weight on the board and it will pop the cap into place. It works really well and just make sure everything is aligned well before applying your weight.


36and63 04-03-2018 09:37 AM

Re: 36 hubcap restoration

Make sure you put the 2x6 flat across creating a bench or seat which distributes the weight evenly when you sit on it.

jacob smith 04-03-2018 07:23 PM

Re: 36 hubcap restoration

How did you get them off

Clem Clement 04-03-2018 07:34 PM

Re: 36 hubcap restoration

drill a small hole in the cap not into the shiny part. Apply air pressure from your compressor

nelsb01 04-04-2018 03:34 PM

Re: 36 hubcap restoration

Drill a small hole in the inside of the cap, but just enough to go thru the metal. Then fill a cardboard box with a few towels and place cap stainless side down into the box--hit with a shot of air from a rubber tipped air gun, and pop!

Robert1936 04-08-2018 09:52 PM

Re: 36 hubcap restoration

Why do you say a "new" can?
Wouldn't an old one do the same job?

36and63 04-10-2018 10:35 PM

Re: 36 hubcap restoration

You can buy empty paint cans very cheap here at most hardware stores, alot of paint now is sold in plastic type containers that might not work very well. An old metal paint can will surely work as long as it is in good shape. The key is the can opening is clean and these cans match the dimension of the cap needed perfectly for it to work so well.


ktgarcia 04-11-2018 09:10 PM

Re: 36 hubcap restoration

I just finished getting my center hubcap covers on. After drilling the hole on the back side to use my compressor to blow them off, I was able to work on them. When I tried to get the centers back on, I had difficulties. I tried the freezer method and the grease method, but I was not successful. I talked to two different individuals on how they did something like that, but they really didn't have any good suggestions.

I finally decided to slowly bend out the edges of the center rings and then used the gallon paint can method with some cloth to prevent damage. I must admit, it took about 3-4 hours per hubcap to be able to get the center stainless cover to fit back over the hubcap.

I finally got the covers on and then made a tool to tap the edge of the rim to ensure that the cover would not come off. Hopefully I have tapped the edge enough.

Thanks for all the tips that I have read.

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