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petehoovie 12-02-2019 03:57 PM

'34 Windshield Glass Replacement

The original windshield glass in my '34 is fogging up to the point that it will have to be replaced in the not too distant future. For those of you who have done this job, can you provide me with step by step procedure? Can it be done without removing the upper frame? I'm thinking that I should be able to crank the windshield all the way open, remove the bottom section of the frame and then slide the glass out. I'm sure that some sort of lubricant/penetrant will have to be applied first. I'll be replacing the rubber frame seal as well. I plan to purchase the precut glass from Sanders Reproduction Glass Co. Your suggestions, please....

Lawrie 12-02-2019 04:12 PM

Re: '34 Windshield Glass Replacement

I wouldn, t try doing it that way, I have done the one on my 33 and it was way easier to take the whole frame out and do it on a large flat bench,The only hard part was geting out the hinge screws,when you see the amount of pushing and shoving you have to do ,you will understand you dont want to be doing this on the car.

petehoovie 12-02-2019 04:53 PM

Re: '34 Windshield Glass Replacement

I wish it were this easy >

petehoovie 12-04-2019 03:54 PM

Re: '34 Windshield Glass Replacement


DavidG 12-04-2019 05:37 PM

Re: '34 Windshield Glass Replacement

The biggest part of the job might be removing the outer weatherstrip, especially if it very old. It must be done in any event to access the screws that attach the lower part of the frame to the upper portion (and might also prove to be less than a walk in the park) and both those jobs are best done off the car.

rich b 12-05-2019 09:00 PM

Re: '34 Windshield Glass Replacement

We just put a windshield in my friend's '33 Tudor.

If you drill an 1/8" hole thru the hinges before you take them apart, you can stick a pin in there when reinstalling the windshield; saves readjusting it to the opening.

Once you get the old glass out, check that the new glass is the same. The computer patterns at the place my friend got his were wrong, we made out own new patterns which they copied and cut out with their cnc water jet machine.

Be sure to clean the frame of all the remnants of the glass tape along with outer seal.

It took a little persuasion with a rubber hammer to get the glass into the setting tape and the bottom of the frame in place.

He originally had a Vintique gasket which was way to stiff to fit the frame back in the car; bought a Drake seal and it was nice and pliable fit great.

We also used 3M yellow glue in the corners and the middle of the bottom to make sure it stayed in place.

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