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stude333 10-02-2019 01:00 PM

34 pickup gas pedal parts

are the 32-34 truck pedal assy the same? do any passenger fit. I just have the bare firewall with no pedal parts yet. trying to figure what to look for

Thanks FRankie

Kerk 10-02-2019 02:49 PM

Re: 34 pickup gas pedal parts

I believe they are very similar. One thing is the hand throttle ball on the side of the linkage to connect to the dash bell crank located on the 32 dash tunnel. Just something to look for as my suggestion. Hope his helps. kx

Newc 10-03-2019 12:57 AM

Re: 34 pickup gas pedal parts

Hi; Somethings are special... the little firewall cover for the linkage is special to 33/34 pu and the V8 and 4 linkages are different from each other. newc

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