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prsvf1 02-22-2011 03:02 PM

Model A Frame VIN

I have a Model A Pickup w/a MN title - the motor # does not match the title, which I'm not surprised. I know the # is on the frame under the cowl - is it stamped anywhere else on the frame?

I also lifted the body up to check the frame # but all I can see is the the first star, due to frame pitting I can't see the letter & the next two numbers. I can see the last 5 numbers & the star at the end. Is there a way to bring back or read the missing #'s & letter? Any kind of lighting or cleaners, etc - Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

1931 flamingo 02-22-2011 03:19 PM

Re: Model A Frame VIN

Did you try wire brushing? Or lay a piece of paper on it and rub #2 lead pencil over the number area.
Paul in CT

prsvf1 02-22-2011 03:35 PM

Re: Model A Frame VIN

I have tried wire brushing the pitted area, but all I can see are pitts. I have tried using the magnifying glass to see anything, but all I can see are pitts, have tried rubbing w/chalk & than wipe frame surface, but again just pitts. Hve not tried the pencil & paper trick.

Rusty Homestead Fl 02-22-2011 07:18 PM

Re: Model A Frame VIN

You might try the H.A.M.B. site. If not already registered there it's a painless 5 minute process. Search the title "Raising the Dead in Dr Bluto's Lab". Gives all the hot poop on using certain acid techniques that the "authorities" use to bring out altered, or rust eaten vin's on pitted frames. I would first try the wire brush, light sand paper etc first. Hope what ever you find matches what you have. Good luck

Cider Mill 02-22-2011 07:43 PM

Re: Model A Frame VIN

I recently went through the same process. I used the water-based metal cleaner from the Eastwood company applied vigorously with a wash cloth. Then I still couldn't see the numbers until I used a drop light from many different angles, stopping at each angle and staring for a minute or so. Eventually I found the right angle and could make out the numbers.

I've used the acid method at the State police forensic lab to bring back filed off serial no.s on weapons. It definately works, however, you likely will end up with a concave "dent" in your frame. It is not very deep, but something to think about prior to using it.

Tom Wesenberg 02-23-2011 12:20 AM

Re: Model A Frame VIN

I would try draw filing it. If you still can't make them out, then shine a light at a very low angle to the frame top, and see if that doesn't help. I've also used paper and pencil to make them show up. This is often needed anyway for the DMV.

Terry, NJ 02-23-2011 08:51 AM

Re: Model A Frame VIN

I have the body of the frame , so it makes it a little easier. I wouldn't remove any stock , just brighten up what's there with a wire brush, then I took an old can of white primer and dug out some of the pigment at the bottom. I then rubbed the area around the number with the pigment. After a short time, I rubbed it off with a cloth. The numbers came up very sharp. My State, Pennsylvania, requires verification either by the agent or a pencil rubbing, which I was able to provide. Ford stamped the numbers rather crudely with individual hand stamps. This, causes some of the letters to be not completely formed and one must occasionaly "interpret" what that the number actually is. After painting the number, I took a picture of the number, in which it is legible, for my records.

Honkey84 02-23-2011 09:27 AM

Re: Model A Frame VIN

You can also try heating the area to raise the numbers. I did this on my AA frame to make them more visible. My brother was the one that came up with that. Hes use it before on steam engine parts and it does work. Use a small propane torch and gradually heat the are are the will show up better.

Larry Seemann 02-23-2011 01:35 PM

Re: Model A Frame VIN

Are you trying to confirm that your title matches your car? If that's your purpose do the last 5 numbers that you can make out on the frame match the last 5 numbers on the title? If so, I think you can be pretty confident that the title matches the car.

Brentwood Bob 02-26-2011 02:08 PM

Re: Model A Frame VIN

let us know what works. The #2 pencil and paper works. Bob

Charlie Stephens 02-26-2011 08:20 PM

Re: Model A Frame VIN

Ask your local DMV how to proceed. Be sure to talk to the person in charge. If you start filing, sanding, treating with acid it could be interpreted as an attempt to make the numbers unreadable.

Charlie Stephens

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