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Brother Hesekiel 07-22-2014 09:28 PM


My Ahooga horn looks stock from the outside, except that I had no access to the adjustment screw in the back without taking it apart. Thus, I put up with the rather "off" sound for so long. I now finally took it apart, and what I found inside was . . . well . . . a real surprise!

A "Made in Italy" horn, that had been "Mickey-moused" to fit inside an original (?) Ahooga horn!

I bet some of you now say . . . "just when you thought you've seen it all . . . . "

Well, it works, but as I said, the sound is slightly off. It's LOUD though, and it makes more gaaaa than Ahooo, but I figured that's because I run 12 volts. Frankly, that's more modification than I can justify to myself, so if somebody has an original Ahooga horn for sale, a working one, let me know!

Purdy Swoft 07-22-2014 10:09 PM

Re: Ahoogaaag!

Those type adjust through the bell with a long straight head screwdriver. If the screw is too loose the horn will just motor and not make a sound.

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