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39portlander 09-14-2020 05:55 PM

Sounding like a Harley....

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So pulling down the street and parking last night I noted the Fordor was sounding more like my old Electra-Glide.

Checked the muffler this morning and the single nut on the threaded rod was barely on and I could slide the inner and outer muffler shell around.

The pictured remedy is to double nut the threaded rod, should have come that way out of the box. Hope this helps someone getting there T back on the road.

JoeBauer 09-14-2020 10:44 PM

Re: Sounding like a Harley....

Mine came off several times, even when I triple nutted it. It has to do with heat and vibration. I ended up at Tractor Supply and got a tractor muffler with the correct size pipe.

It will come off again, I recommend that you put it together and then tack weld the end in several places. Or go to Tractor Supply if you don't care about authenticity.

39portlander 09-15-2020 05:27 AM

Re: Sounding like a Harley....

Thanks for the input Joe, I thought about a tack weld @ the nut. I added a lock washer between the two nuts, if that looses up I'm breaking out the Miller:D

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