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grumppyoldman 02-09-2020 01:26 PM

Car Show Yesterday

Well the weather couldn't have been better, that was the high lite of the show. The judges must have been from the Iowa caucus, they lost brackets for the competition classes. They completely skipped the class of 41 thru 48, which I and several others were in. I hated to see this, because we need more good car shows in this area. Since most of the show was for motorcycles, and they were the judges,I guess that was part of the mess up. Al

harleyjohn45 02-09-2020 02:40 PM

Re: Car Show Yesterday

Well at least the weather was good. I love shows, but I don't put cars in a show for judging. I used to do that, but I quit after i found most judges are biased for their friends in these local shows. When I arrive, I'm invited, but I just park near by and visit I know most of them anyway.

slumlord44 02-09-2020 10:30 PM

Re: Car Show Yesterday

Most shows here give you the option of entering for display only and not being judged. I often do that so I can leave early and don't have to hang around all day for awarads to be handed out. Aslo love crusie nights because no judging.

Daves55Sedan 02-09-2020 11:54 PM

Re: Car Show Yesterday

Somewhere round '97 or '98 during scorching heat of summer there was a gigantic car show/swap meet up around Bloomington, I think. I drove up there in my '55, not for the show, I was interested in the swap meet. First and last one I ever went to, only because they're so far away. That's the closest one that ever came round here.
You'd see the most fascinating things and run into people who were will known in the business way back then, like Norb Doll, Bob Burgess, Ken Lysle, Larry Witthoeft, probably all dead now. Met many wonderful and friendly people, saw lots of things and bought a few needy items for my '55 Courier which was in process of body-off-frame restoration at the time.
Ran across an old guy who looked exactly like Gabby Hayes (including the tattered cowboy hat) who had less than a dozen items for sale laying on the ground at his booth. I stopped and asked him; is that a Ford-o-matic bellhousing for a 223 I-6? Naw, he said, that's fer a '49 flathead.
I can't think of a time I ever had so much fun. Arrived around 9am and walked thru till evening and still did not see all the booths, but couldn't stay for another day to see the rest. Probably sweated off 7 lbs that day, but never noticed till I got back home.

56sedandelivery 02-10-2020 12:01 PM

Re: Car Show Yesterday

I try to hit some shows but try not to enter to be judged. Found that a lot around here were put on by local car clubs and that unless you were in the club had little chance of winning anything. So just go to meet people and show off the car.

JimNNN 02-10-2020 07:31 PM

Re: Car Show Yesterday


Originally Posted by grumppyoldman (Post 1850326)
The judges must have been from the Iowa caucus, they lost brackets for the competition classes.

Well, those guys have to get new jobs somewhere. Why not judging old cars?

Sorry your day didn't go as you wished. Hope you had some fun regardless.

miker98038 02-10-2020 10:01 PM

Re: Car Show Yesterday

I go to a fair number of shows, but aside from Goodguys they are all charity shows of some sort. The local club does scholarships at trade schools, others are donations to communities groups, etc. So to me, the judging doesn't matter. I'm also happy at "open" shows. I like the younger guys with the tuner cars, the low riders and even the donks (or hi risers). All car guys, everyone is polite and respectful, and I get to see some cool cars outside my circle of friends. We're a bunch of 70 year olds driving fat fenders, mid 50's, and low level muscle cars. We don't win anything, but we have fun.

unclevinny 02-12-2020 01:07 PM

Re: Car Show Yesterday

I went to several car shows mostly to see the nice work that is done on preserving the older cars. I did enter a small town car show once was put on by the local car club there and /the officrs of the club owned a body shop there my 59 rancnero was parked by the group running the show, way out away from much of the acttivities but my money to enter was taken at the head table. caars came from about 150 mile radius and there was some buities ther too!! I was not even expecting to get an award so I am not disapointed but when the awards were presented the family of the officers won every first second and third place on their own cars some of the few cars they owned got a few awards stacked upon the same car!! I dont beleive they ever sponsered anoyher car show in that town again!! I secretly went a bought a tiny little plastic trophy and gave it to my good old ford!!

harleyjohn45 02-15-2020 12:38 PM

Re: Car Show Yesterday

Looks like I'm not alone, Now a car show where the audience gave the cars a rating would be more fair.
I live in a golf club community and last evening one of the members told me they are considering a vintage car show this summer. I don't think there would be judging, more of a meet and greet for Club members Plus there is a small local car club and they would be invited also. They have room for 150 to 200 cars, plenty of beer, hamburgers and hot dogs. I told him I thought I thought it would be cool and could become an annual event. These car guys are always looking for an excuse to show off their cars. We have a couple of car shows here each year in town and cars come from ELPaso, Alamogordo & Roswell to Ruidoso, because it's such a pretty place.

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