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truckdog62563 09-05-2016 09:25 AM

Spare Tire Hanger - BB1469-B
City: Rochester
State: Illinois
Price: ?

This past week I acquired some 1930s/1940s truck wheels and parts. The wheels I have covered with references, as well as some of the misc stuff. With respect to this pictured spare carrier I've struck out. There is no reference to the number BB1469-B in my reprint copy of the Green Bible. But I know that Ford dropped numbers of obsoleted parts in later versions of catalogs. The number is clearly stamped into the head piece.

I found online the linked AA reference showing similar carriers, which also shows that there were different carriers for different applications, wheel bases, etc. So to my question, does anyone have an old original chassis catalog listing for this number BB1469-B? Clearly 1932 or later, but what more can be deciphered?

If anybody needs it please speak up. I'm easy. Stu

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