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upknb 06-17-2013 08:51 AM

Rebuilt "B" engine
City: Escanaba
State: Michigan
Price: $3300.

Rebuilt "B" Engine

"B" Engine (Aug. 1933) balanced crank. Purchased this engine years ago because it had been rebuilt (.060 Bore) and showed minimal wear. Over this past winter I completely tore it down. Bearings are excellent, checked clearances, with plastigage, they are correct. Pulled pistons, honed cylinders and installed new rings. Has new valves, guides, adjustable lifters, rebuilt oil pump. Has "A" Flywheel Housing and oil pan modified for "A".

External restored components included on engine are starter, water pump, fuel pump, "B" manifolds, "B" carburetor, distributor, and spark plugs. Crankcase has 5 quarts of Quaker State 5 W 30 oil.

Engine is on a metal stand which is included. No core charge or exchange.

Firm: $3,300. plus shipping charges. For photos or information please
email me at

Karl Bosk
Escanaba, MI

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