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Rink52 10-17-2019 09:49 AM

52 Ford flathead fuel pump push rod

when I bought this car, the mechanical fuel pump and push rod was replaced with an elec. pump. My question is ; how do I install a new push rod so I can put the mechanical pump back on car in line w/elec pump ? Can I just insert it down through the top , assuming there is a bushing in place. Does it thread on to something at the cam or just ride there ? How do I know that it is all the way down?

Thanks for any and all help.

Bob Rinker

Charlie Stephens 10-17-2019 12:17 PM

Re: 52 Ford flathead fuel pump push rod


You posted in a section intended for questions to the editors about the site. You need to post it here:

Good luck and welcome.

Charlie Stephens

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