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fixitphil 05-08-2018 07:45 PM

AA Engine

Are all AA engines Diamond Blocks? What is the difference from an A engine and a Diamond block?

Chris Haynes 05-09-2018 12:06 AM

Re: AA Engine

Diamond blocks did not come in cars or trucks. The only difference between an A engine and a AA is the serial number starting with AA.

Charlie Stephens 05-09-2018 01:57 AM

Re: AA Engine

The AA indicated the engine/transmission assembly was intended for a large (AA) truck. The engines were the same but the transmissions were different for the large trucks. The diamond blocks were post production replacement engines.

Charlie Stephens

Ron in Quincy 05-09-2018 06:31 AM

Re: AA Engine

The 'DIAMOND block is built with hard seats in the exhaust and the Camshaft is a ''B" Style. The A and AA blocks use standard valve seats and standard "A" camshaft.


CarlG 05-09-2018 12:06 PM

Re: AA Engine

Not all Diamond blocks had hard seats.

Chris Haynes 05-10-2018 11:41 PM

Re: AA Engine

Why hardened seats in the '30's? All the gas was unleaded. The valves is stock blocks did well.

TerryH 05-11-2018 01:31 AM

Re: AA Engine

I have a diamond block in my A & it does not have hardened seats.

fixitphil 05-11-2018 08:48 AM

Re: AA Engine

Thanks for the info Guys.

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