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HarveyWallbanger 09-19-2019 01:01 PM

1936 Ford Tudor Sedan
City: Greeley
State: Pennsylvania
Price: 3750

I have a '36 Ford Tudor Sedan for sale with shiny original black paint, last registered in 1949.
43,239 miles- - NJ Registration and title.
Externally, this car is in presentable shape. It was previously bolted together as a complete vehicle, and I have disassembled it a little further to prepare for reinstalling the correct original engine.

I have a lot of parts to assemble before Hershey, so I'm listing them as included.
-Complete LB engine (sitting on a pallet yet), seat springs, garnish moldings, bumpers, glass, horns, front sheet metal

It is a roller. It needs a floor. It is a project.
Call Mark at 570-685-2680
Nostalgic Restorations
244 Route 590
Greeley, PA 18425

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