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Deuce Man 05-20-2011 09:14 PM

Hydraulic brake conversion

Just got finished puting 40 ford hydraulic brakes on my 32 spindles. the original bolt holes as we know are bigger and dont line up, so I decided to make some little plugs and tig them in the holes. this looked good until I discovered the center hole in the backing plate was kind of out of whack from the welding. thought about it for a while then tried my ridge reamer to bring it bach to round. I stopped when it fitted well on an old 40 spindle. Next was those impossible to deal with piston rings they sell you for bushings,just sneeze and they jump out of the hole. After about five tries I decided to glue them in! I used zap a gap I think it is just superglue with a spray catylist. Worked like a charm I was actually able to take a die grinder to the spacer rings and put a touch of chamfer to the inside to help them slide on to the register on the spindle a little easier.And guess what ? they didnt move.A couple of simple things we probably all have lying around in our toolboxes made what seemed at first an impossible if not totally frustrating job, quite easy and straight forward. I will admit at first I almost pitched the adapter partsout the door into the woods, now am glad I took a few minutes to think about it. Hope this helps anyone trying to do this conversion. Rich.

Mart 05-21-2011 10:42 AM

Re: Hydraulic brake conversion

Yes, I added a chamfer to the rings too.
I think the grease catcher serves to hold it in place once everything is bolted up.


Edit - thinking about it, the grease catcher wont work - I think I must have just used washers to bridge across and hold the rings in place.


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