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Richard in Anaheim CA 08-08-2020 07:54 PM

Wanted: Aa truck throttle bracket assy
State: CA

I'm ready to start the big boy and my throttle bracket assembly is for a car.
Need bracket specific for 28/29 AA truck. Perhaps a Pickup is the same.

This is the bracket you mount on the top of the clutch/flywheel housing with the shims between the engine and housing.

The gas pedal is approximately 3/4 inch Left of the Left bracket mounting hole.
The bracket I have appears to be approximately 1/2 inch Right of the Left Bracket mounting hole.

I would prefer having the correct bracket assy instead of heating, bending, cutting, and welding on my existing one.

Please check your spare parts. If you are not far from Anaheim I will pick up, if not lets get one on it's way to me.


Richard to save time or text 714-393-8582

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