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Phil Gillespie 11-02-2017 03:40 PM

1939 Ford 6 v coil

Round type coil has: Primary: 1.2ohms secondary: 7.9 kohms all cold.

Have a rebuilt distributor fitted with the adaptor plate for above coil
and have the following readings at idle:
amps to -ve side of coil: 3.7amps. Voltage to -ve side of coil: 5.6v.
Voltage +ve side of coil to adaptor plate: 1.7v.

Increased rpm and have the following:
amps to -ve side of coil: 3.6amps. Voltage to -ve side of coil: 6.4v.
Voltage =ve side of coil to adaptor plate 2.2amps.

There is nil resistor fitted this being a round type coil and set up as per instructions with adaptor plate ie +ve wire terminal from ignition coil to centre terminal on adaptor.

My car finally is back running with good output and power.
Have been playing about for some time with coils etc.

Question: do these readings look ok?
The voltage from coil to adaptor plate at 1.7v and 2.2 v?

Checked on my 38 pu with an 8BA and Chev Distributor had:
1.9amps, 5.6v at inlet to coil and 3.6v from coil to distributor.
Realize charateristics can vary for coil but just wondering.

Whats the best type round 6v modern coil to go for?
And in the above range as quoted; 1.5 ohms/ 7 to 8 k ohms.

appreciate all onput and suggestions.
Phil NZ

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