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Roffeman 06-05-2013 02:13 PM

1937 Cabriolet gutter and rear interior?

I mentioned this in my post about the car that but it's worth mentioning again:

I am glad to see all the positive and helpful feedback even though I am pretty much a newbie thanks.

So I am looking at my '37 Cabriolet and there is nothing under the top when it is folded down. Should there not be some sort of channel or something?

Also, there are no side panels on the inside of the quarter panels. There are upholstered panels on each side of the rumble seat...or mother-in-law-seat as they call it in Sweden ;)

Right now I can look back and see the rumble seat. Is there some sort of bulk head that should be between the seat and the back area?

Any pictures or diagrams links would be great.

Roffeman 06-17-2013 03:29 PM

Re: 1937 Cabriolet gutter and rear interior?

Here I have removed the seat cushions on this picture and you can see the side panels. However, there is nothing between the open quarter panel and the interior.

Sorry, my crappy mobile camera makes the car look pink/purple :(

I posted the same question on the HAMB and I got this picture:

Someone thought it may be the rear gutter. What say you?

I did get the list from Lebarron Bonney but I just got a list, no pictures.

I will give them a call and see if they can shed some more lights on the components.

If you have anything on this, it would help me greatly.

ford38v8 06-17-2013 05:38 PM

Re: 1937 Cabriolet gutter and rear interior?

Rolf, the picture you show is the package tray. The curved edge forward, from which hangs a weighted curtain. The far ends of that edge mount to the B pillars. At the center of this curved edge is a vertical wood support down to the floorboard, running about 4 inches? rearward where it meets the partition dividing the rumble from the front, behind the driver. At the center of that partition is a vetical metal support that mounts the spare tire.
The aft edge of the part in the picture is straight, and curves upward to mount at the rear underside of the deck at the edge of the folding top, and cradles the folded top when down.

For a much better explanation in detail and photographs of everything on your car, you really need the 1937 Ford Book available from the EFV8CA here:

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