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jerry shook 07-21-2020 08:42 AM

vibrates when backing up

I have a car with a 60 hp flathead, in first an second gear it is smooth. when backing up it vibrates an shakes bad. what could be wrong. Thanks for your help.

Jim/GA 07-21-2020 09:45 AM

Re: vibrates when backing up

Sounds like clutch chatter.

If so, I would not worry about it.


The Master Cylinder 07-21-2020 10:00 AM

Re: vibrates when backing up

Mine used to do that also. Clutch chatter. I realized I was slipping the clutch more in reverse than first gear to control my speed while backing up. Now I just let it fully out like I do when going forward and all is OK. No more clutch chatter. It may work for you.

WHN 07-21-2020 10:01 AM

Re: vibrates when backing up

Have the same problem in our 1929.

Only when backing.

New clutch, pressure plate, pilot and throw out bearings.

Going forward it is fine.

I just live with it. Slip the clutch with very little gas and itís not an issue.


johnbuckley 07-21-2020 11:15 AM

Re: vibrates when backing up

I always assume the multiplate clutch is more likely to do this, but obviously it happens with single plate clutches too

1931 flamingo 07-21-2020 12:44 PM

Re: vibrates when backing up

What trans are you using?? Do you have the original (V8) style steady rods installed??
Paul in CT

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