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adileo 11-16-2019 07:00 PM

39 coupe fuel tank


I’m thinking my original fuel tank is needing to be replaced. I’ll keep my stock sending unit.

Where have you found to be a good supplier? Both in quality, fit and price.

Car is not concourse, currently. But if I ever sold it a person could take it to that level. All changes I’ve made are bolt on.

19Fordy 11-16-2019 08:24 PM

Re: 39 coupe fuel tank

Before you buy a new tank, remove the old one and really give it a good inspection. It might just need to be cleaned. Original tanks hold 14 gallons. You can also get repro tanks that hold 16 gallons. If you have dual exhaust stick with original tank for better tail pipe clearance. Also, make sure your repro tank will accept OEM 6V sending unit. I believe repro tanks have to be made to new government safety standards where the tank fuel outlet is no longer on the bottom like the original. I found that out with the 40 tank I bought from TANKS Inc. Plus, make sure you new tank has a drain plug and proper cage nuts for mounting.My plastic TANKS Inc. tank did not. I am not familiar with DRAKE tanks.

adileo 11-16-2019 08:34 PM

Re: 39 coupe fuel tank

Thanks I exchanged txt with a friend, who said basically the same thing. I was unaware old tank can be cleaned. He said the same place I had my original radiator cleaned can do the gas tank. That’s perfect. The original one just needs a good inside cleaning and coating.

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