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28Huckster 01-18-2012 01:53 PM

Misc. Parts
City: Cleveland
State: TN
Price: In Ad

I have a handful of stuff for sell; all prices shown are plus freight. Any questions, feel free to PM and I'll email any requested photos.

1.) '28 Rear axles with carrier- looks to me to be in excellent shape; no gear teeth dings; really slight surface rust on about 2" of left axle. I can ship as is or I'll break it apart. Looks to me like it has the original safety wire. $150.00
2.) '28 backing plates with brake and emergency brake assemblies. $50.00/pr
3.) '28 wheels and rear drums; One wheel is pretty fair, the other has about 7 spokes rusted away, but they're both rusted to the drums with the lugs so it all goes together. The drums are both in excellent shape; I don't beleive they've ever been turned. Make me an offer.
4.) '28 rear wishbones; the only good part of these is the forged pieces on the ends; the tubing part is pretty shot. If you can use the forged pieces, make me an offer.

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