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37 Coupe 01-26-2020 10:55 AM

Generator cutout wiring hookup pictures.

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I am confused as to where the wiring goes.I have the schematic that came with the new harness but it seems to differ from Les Andrews picture.So which do I hookup to all on the front terminal or as I have it? Rear position is yellow/black wire.Front is yellow /red and other wire is yellow. This cutout may be wrong it came with this generator as I sent all my generators and parts away almost a year ago to a once reliable Fordbarner generator expert but I need to get the engine running and cannot wait any longer. I just don't want to hook battery up and burn something out. Thanks for any help.

Badpuppy 01-26-2020 11:29 AM

Re: Generator cutout wiring hookup pictures.

Both harnesses connect to the BATT side of your cutout. ARM connects to the armature through the insulated stud. As connected in the photo, the battery will run flat in a short time.

Bob C 01-26-2020 12:02 PM

Re: Generator cutout wiring hookup pictures.

Yup, the one on the right is wrong.

37 Coupe 01-26-2020 12:08 PM

Re: Generator cutout wiring hookup pictures.

Okay ,I got it thanks.Mayby I was confusing myself because other generator I had was an external wire so I musta thought it needed a wire on arm end.

Tom Wesenberg 01-26-2020 11:04 PM

Re: Generator cutout wiring hookup pictures.

Both wire terminals connect to the front of the cutout on early 1930 (about March) and later generators.
The earlier generators had the generator stud on the front side of the cutout, so both wire terminals connected to the rear side of the cutout.
No wire harness terminals should be connected to the generator output stud.

CWPASADENA 01-26-2020 11:58 PM

Re: Generator cutout wiring hookup pictures.

Some later generators did not use a stud for the armature, there were either 1 or 2 wires that came thru the generator case and these wires would attach to the ARM or GEN side of the cut-out. As stated above, both wiring harness wires attach to the BAT side of the cut-out.

Chris W.

rotorwrench 01-27-2020 01:25 PM

Re: Generator cutout wiring hookup pictures.

The old 3-brush units only need to be grounded for one of the two important connections. The other is access to the battery through the bus for charging. The cut out is just an automatic on/off switch for the generator. The two highest current draw components (lights & horn) are also attached to the battery end of the cut out so the current won't have so far to travel. The longer the wire, the higher the resistance. I's best to have as short a wire as possible to those items.

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