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raceron1120 10-20-2019 09:17 AM

1916 T Publication

I'm not at all knowledgeable about Model T's. But I have an octogenarian friend who has an old book about T's, he said his dad bought it many years ago because he had a mid-teens T. He's not looking to sell the book but was asking if I know if it is a common pub, and what its value might be. Does anyone here have any info on it? It is copyrighted 1916, here are a few images from it: Thanks.

redmodelt 10-20-2019 01:04 PM

Re: 1916 T Publication

Victor Page was a prolific writer and promoter of books involving things that moved on the ground and in the air. The Model T book you show was updated over the years to include the newer Ford cars, trucks and tractors.

Quick search on Ebay; They come up often and the prices can range from all most nothing (I got mine for 6.50+ shipping) to $26.99 then there are the over priced ones, that don't sell.

raceron1120 10-20-2019 05:35 PM

Re: 1916 T Publication


Originally Posted by redmodelt (Post 1811803)
...They come up often... prices can range from almost $26.99 then there are the over priced ones, that don't sell.

Thanks for the info. As said, he has no interest in selling it but wanted a sort-of value for it probably in order to either share it to his grandkids, or to protect it from further deterioration.

39portlander 10-20-2019 06:46 PM

Re: 1916 T Publication

I found one of those a few years after I bought my T and love it, a great reference.

The detailed drawings in those books are amazing.

Jeff P. / MN 10-22-2019 08:46 AM

Re: 1916 T Publication

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Mine is a 1922 version. I find it easier to follow itís instructions than using the original Ford service manual.

Anteek29 10-23-2019 09:43 AM

Re: 1916 T Publication

A few for $75.-77. and one at $122. on Fleabay now.

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