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Floats 09-26-2019 09:54 AM

Welding a bead on the stub axle

Hi Gents,
Some time ago I saw a post suggesting welding a bead on the stub axles(outside of the king pin bushes) in order to shrink the bushes and tighten up the kingpins.
Could this be done with the kingpins and bushes in position, even with the stub axles in position?
I assume this is done with an arc welder, running a bead up the outside of the king pin mountings, on the stub axle?
Does this weld need to be cooled down after welding or must it be left to cool down naturally?
Your inputs are much appreciated.

BRENT in 10-uh-C 09-26-2019 11:21 AM

Re: Welding a bead on the stub axle

I think the 'stub axles' that you are referring to are called Spindle Assemblies by Ford.

While I do not recall the post you are referencing, I don't think what you are suggesting is prudent.

Instead, the way I would suggest the repair be made is mount the existing Spindle Bolts (King Pins) into a lathe and use a Tool Post grinder to true them until they are round. Then fabricate a new bushing for the spindle and press it in. Next bore and finish hone the bushing to a size of about 0.001" over the new size of the Spindle Bolt. This allows you to have a good/safe repair that will last a long time.

Floats 09-26-2019 12:03 PM

Re: Welding a bead on the stub axle

Thanks Brent,
That has all been done, new king pins or spindle bolts and new bushes were fitted by a local engineering company.
The bushes were reamed and not honed with the result that they are not perfect and I assume the guy that did the job did not think a close fit was that important, being an old car.
As I mentioned, I have seen a post here where slight play could be fixed by a weld on the spindles.
Much appreciated.

1931 flamingo 09-26-2019 01:12 PM

Re: Welding a bead on the stub axle

Pull it apart, install new bushings and find a different shop and have them honed to the pins. Re-assemble. "local engineering company" , interesting.

Paul in CT

dumb person 09-29-2019 07:41 PM

Re: Welding a bead on the stub axle

While i've done things like that on things that are not vehicle steering parts (E.G. farm equipment) i don't recommend it on vehicle steering parts.

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