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mrlaser 11-17-2019 09:43 AM

Thread sealant

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I am about to replace the original cast iron heads on an 8ba V8. I have a question regarding which thread sealant to use. I have both of the pictured products on hand. I also have read some of the prior posts on thread sealants. I am not necessarily asking which is the superior product, I am only inquiring whether both are satisfactory for this use. Thanks for any input.

36rgtop 11-17-2019 10:01 AM

Re: Thread sealant

I have primarily used the #2 non-hardening the other has teflon in it but either one will be satisfactory.

marko39 11-17-2019 10:19 AM

Re: Thread sealant

Along with applying to the bolts I also smear the threads in the block as much of the sealant from the bolts will be left on top of the block when you screw them in.

19Fordy 11-17-2019 10:38 AM

Re: Thread sealant

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This works great also for head bolt and studs threads.

mrlaser 11-17-2019 11:56 AM

Re: Thread sealant

Thank you for your responses.

flatjack9 11-17-2019 05:11 PM

Re: Thread sealant

I use the pipe thread sealant in all my builds. Probably 30 - 40 engines with no problems.

Bored&Stroked 11-18-2019 07:20 AM

Re: Thread sealant

Me, I'd use the thread sealant with PTFE. Also, put a good amount of anti-seize on the sides of the bolts and a little bit of moly-lube/grease under the heads to help with more accurate torque readings.

Also, no matter which sealer you use - let the engine sit for at least a day before you fire it up . . . helps stuff harden a bit.

mrlaser 11-18-2019 07:27 AM

Re: Thread sealant

Thanks again for all the input.

Ford Freak 11-18-2019 05:26 PM

Re: Thread sealant

Thread sealant for me .......

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