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1948F-1Pickup 06-20-2018 06:38 PM

'48 F-1 tie rod ends

Pulled a 416R (right hand thread unit) out of the driver side spindle and a
416L (left hand thread unit) out of the passenger side spindle.
Anyone else's truck like this? I'd have thought I'd find the left-hand
thread on the driver's side and a right-hand thread on the passenger
I know it doesn't make any difference in life's big scheme, I'm just curious.

FortyNiner 06-20-2018 08:03 PM

Re: '48 F-1 tie rod ends

Haven't messed with my F1, but my 46 Deluxe is also as you described.

Ken Crans 06-21-2018 04:31 PM

Re: '48 F-1 tie rod ends

Sounds like the whole assembly is flipped over, should be left hand on drivers side.

KiWinUS 06-21-2018 04:53 PM

Re: '48 F-1 tie rod ends

it makes zero difference! 1r is right hand thread L is left hand thread so you can adjust toe.


FortyNiner 06-21-2018 07:08 PM

Re: '48 F-1 tie rod ends

As I recall, the old Mopars I've messed with were set up the same as the Fords.

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