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benji 04-08-2011 03:43 AM

shackle removal 36

I am having trouble removing rear shackles on 36 5w coupe. Can't find sweet spot to release pressure so bolts will come out. I have car sitting on jackstands, rear wheels are off ground, using KR Wilson spring spreader. Questions: 1. Should I remove u bolts from springs? 2. At what orientation should shackles be at when they are at minimum binding, Pointed up, horizantal to ground, pointed down? I have removed the 2 nuts and plate on one side, tried air hammer, chisle, large screwdriver, pry bar, but the bolts will not budge. Any help appreciated. Benji

benji 04-14-2011 01:10 AM

Re: shackle removal 36

Problem solved. Heat and burn old shackle inner packing material with propane torch-it wasn's rubber, has fiberous consistancy like roping. I tried hammering, chiseling, penetrating oil,air hammer, all to no avail. Burning and heating worked like a charm, the bolts punch easily out after I used the torch to burn innards. Benji

JM 35 Sedan 04-14-2011 07:08 AM

Re: shackle removal 36

The bolts will usually come out that way but did the formed sheet metal pieces also come out? They are usually a tight press fit and sometimes a real bear to get out.

wamnram 04-14-2011 07:35 AM

Re: shackle removal 36

After you get the bolts out you can use a hacksaw blade to cut the outer metal jacket. You don't have to cut all the way through to the leaf spring, just enough to relieve the tension. It will then slide right out.

benji 04-14-2011 08:20 AM

Re: shackle removal 36

No, the metal jacket did not come out, I'm going to try hacksaw blade or air hammer chisle this morning. Thanks, Benji

JM 35 Sedan 04-14-2011 09:57 AM

Re: shackle removal 36

I made a driver tool to get those sheet metal cans out. Sometimes I had to do the hacksaw blade cut as well to drive them out. Once out you will need to clean out the mounting holes and sometimes remove a little material off the OD of the new bolt assemblies to get them in place. I also use a little lube on them to help get them going in. There is a special KRW tool made for doing them but I don't have one so I had to improvise by coming up with other means to get them in place. There are also newer style rubber and nylon bushing shakle sets that are much easier to install if you are not concerned about originality. These are only my opinions and I'm sure others will have their opinions on this subject.

benji 04-15-2011 04:10 AM

Re: shackle removal 36

I got the sleeves out using sawzall, air hammer chisle, penetrating oil, lg screwdriver/ball pien hammer-next time will be much easier since this experience. The new Pete & Jakes shackles with neoprene bushings slide in, although I had to undo u bolts at crossmember to give enough stretch in spring to get them in. Thanks for advise. Benji

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