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Ken Crans 07-08-2018 07:10 AM

No Charge on Battery on F-1

Wanted to try to get my taillights brighter, ordered some LEDs from NAPA.Put in and no flash,on turn signals. Took back out. Put 1157s back in Now i started truck and no charge on battery. Usually, the amp gauge would move then come back to middle, now just stays ... battery was at full charge now getting harder to start. Did first test of pulling POS cable off and she died. Brand new everything, Could it be a voltage regulator? or Generator? Im running 12 volts and had gen converted. What tests can i do to fix or??? I hope not gen, such a pain in a-- to set up again.... thoughts?? Thanks Ken

JSeery 07-08-2018 09:46 AM

Re: No Charge on Battery on F-1

On the LED tail lights, LED bulbs require a compatible LED flasher unit. On the generator there have been several resent threads on checking generator output.

rotorwrench 07-08-2018 11:15 AM

Re: No Charge on Battery on F-1

The cut out relay inside the regulator is likely not pulling the points closed to start the charge process. The generator has to put out around 6 to 8-volts on residual magnetism alone to get the system up and running. This residual magnetism comes from the polarizing process but your generator should not have lost its polarity since it wasn't even on line during your testing. The cut out might be sticky. If this is a late model replacement regulator, I'd check that out first. Some of the new stuff is not very good quality.

If it now has a solid state regulator then there isn't much you can do. It depends on what components you have there. 12-volt conversions are all different now days. Some have the 3-pole old style regulators and some have all sorts of other types.

Init1 07-08-2018 11:45 AM

Re: No Charge on Battery on F-1

Very possible the regulator points are out of adjustment.
Even if it is brand new.

Ken Crans 07-08-2018 02:04 PM

Re: No Charge on Battery on F-1

I will check regulator, but before hand i checked and no power at regulator i have a fuse set up and that wire comes for the reg from fuse box is linked im thinking i popped the fuse will check tomorrow, everything else was working good till i changed out bulbs. I guess modern technology and Flatheads don't mix lol

adileo 07-09-2018 06:47 AM

Re: No Charge on Battery on F-1

Did you disconnect the battery when installing new lights? Is it possible you need to jump/short the regulator?

Not related to charging but, when I installed leds in my truck and car, I also had to add an inline resistor to each light, in order to get them to flash.

Ken Crans 07-09-2018 06:48 PM

Re: No Charge on Battery on F-1

Got the problem fixed, too much of a load on fuse from LEDs, popped it out, replaced and hasnt popped. i did paint the bezels white, made a big difference. Went back to the 1157s.

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