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OHV DeLuxe 06-30-2020 10:28 AM

G28T center cam bearing oiling?

I now have my rebuilt G28T block and bottom end on the bench, and as always i go through the oil passage system.
These are as some of you know full pressure B type block, they have a solid top oil pump like commonly used on modified regular A and B blocks.
so my question is how does the center cam bearing get lubrication when the oil pump is sealed of on top and the only hole into the cam bore is where the drive meets the cam, this is above that sealed of level.


Jim Brierley 06-30-2020 11:53 AM

Re: G28T center cam bearing oiling?

I've never done a G-28, but have pressurized many B blocks. I didn't realize the pump didn't exhaust like on a B. A small amount of oil will go thru the upper bearing of the pump, maybe enough? Is there a hole in the galley to that brg.? You could file a very small flat on the upper end of the pump if you think it necessary. There must be a way, put in at the factory, those engines lasted a long time. I ground a cam for one years ago and was surprised the original cam had the Model A profile, not the B. This engine was out of a farm machine of some sort so maybe they did the cam to have the torque curve where they wanted it???

OHV DeLuxe 06-30-2020 12:42 PM

Re: G28T center cam bearing oiling?

Hi Jim! I was thinking about filing like that too, i see no way it will get pressure otherwise.

Jim Brierley 07-01-2020 11:44 AM

Re: G28T center cam bearing oiling?

In this case too much oil is better than not enough, although there must have been some oil to that brg. from the factory. There doesn't happen to be holes in the block above the brg. that would allow gravity to oil them, from splash?

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