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fordyford 05-07-2020 04:40 PM

1940 fender skirt attachment

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I have what I think are OEM 1940 fender skirts but the rear attachment is missing. How is the rear held in place? What is the round fitting for in pictures 3, 4, & 5?

19Fordy 05-07-2020 04:52 PM

Re: 1940 fender skirt attachment

I may be wrong but, I didn't think 40 skirts had that much "bubble" look.

51 MERC-CT 05-07-2020 05:02 PM

Re: 1940 fender skirt attachment

Yep, too much bubble and the shape looks like they were made to fit
something else.

Kube 05-07-2020 05:48 PM

Re: 1940 fender skirt attachment

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Keith, I don't believe your skirts (fender shields) are authentic '40 Ford either.
Here's photos of the front and back of correct skirts along with the wires, etc.

fordyford 05-09-2020 05:28 PM

Re: 1940 fender skirt attachment

So they may not be OEM but they are a good fit on a 1940 Ford fender. My question is how the rear is held in place. The round lug has me puzzled. Is there something that grabs on to it or slides through it? The construction is very similar to Kube's picture including the wires to hold the rubber in place. Can someone provide a suggestion for a clamp or lever to hold the rear lower corner to the fender?


4dFord/SC 05-09-2020 06:01 PM

Re: 1940 fender skirt attachment

Just a shot, but maybe a small c-clamp painted black?

51 MERC-CT 05-10-2020 09:56 AM

Re: 1940 fender skirt attachment

It looks like the original bracket has been broken off.
Remove the round lug and the broken bracket.
You will then have to fabricate a bracket similar to this to replace what is broken.

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