How Michigan Saved The World

Maybe a bit off topic, but interesting none the less… What you see above is a trailer for a new documentary that is coming out focusing on Willow Run and how companies like Ford sacrificed business to the war effort.

It’s gonna be a good one.

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Memorial Day

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Woah… It’s like a whole new Ford Barn!

So, we put the Ford Barn on it’s own server last week. As a result, you might notice that it’s running a lot faster. Thank your local Hot Rodder – he paid for it. There’s some irony there, no?

Also, during the move I accidentally dumped all of my own private messages. If you were trying to get ahold of me, give it another shot!

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Ford Barn Birthday… Sort Of…

Well, as of today I’m the official owner of Ford Barn. It took me exactly a year to pay off Shelly with crisp green backs, but here I am… Owner. Editor. Moderator. Target of jokes. And it has been a great year. We’ve done a complete redesign. We’ve completely changed the site’s software. We’ve protected the past. We’ve protected the future.

In any case, I thought it would be interesting on this special day to go back and look at the stats of the site to see how we’ve done numerically. All of the changes we’ve done over the past year were actually quite risky. It’s amazingly easy to drive folks off with change and we did a whole lot of it… And you know what, I think we did a smash up job. These numbers prove it:

Pageview growth in the past 365 days: 72.34%
Unique visitor growth in the past 365 days: 49.5%
Average time spent on site growth in the past 365 days: 86.51%
Average number of posts per day growth in the past 365 days: 64%

Not too bad, huh?

Anyway, a special thanks to all of you fellas that have been so patient with me over the past year. This was a big hurdle to jump and we couldn’t have done it without all of you guys being understanding, willing to learn, and willing to give me a shot. I owe ya all…

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Well, that wasn’t so bad was it? Since the launch of the new Ford Barn, we’ve had thousands of folks register and thousands of topics posted on the forum. I’m tickled and hope you fellas are having as much fun as I am. The new Ford Barn is gonna grow into something incredible – I just know it.

We’ve had a few bumps in the road though. I’ve gotten some emails asking about where the classifieds are. We still host them and you can find them here. But if you are just into rapping with the boys and talking about your old Fords, you should check out the forum here.

And as always, if you are having any trouble at all just send an email – I’ll get ya through it.

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